6 best courses for content writing training by experts in 2024

We hire and manage a good number of content writers. And we can tell you from experience that while there are thousands of content writers, we are facing a shortage of good content writers.

Since content writing has a low barrier to entry, anyone who can string a few words together thinks that they are good enough at content writing.

But here’s the truth: Writing great content is a lot more than just writing. To become a content writer, you need to know the best practices and tools required to write for the web.

So in this list, we have tried to find and collect high-quality content writing training courses which cover those aspects of content writing that we wish every aspiring content writer knew.

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    Content writing training courses

    Here’s our list of the best courses online to help you learn content writing skills.

    Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing

    Malcolm Gladwell’s books are known for using mundane topics to help thousands of readers comprehend complex concepts. These ideas include behavioral economics and performance prediction.

    So it’s very fortunate that this renowned storyteller and best-selling author of Blink and The Tipping Point is teaching one of his first-ever writing courses online. This training for content writers will go a long way in helping you tell stories that captivate your audience.

    In this content writing training course, Malcolm Gladwell does a good job of showing you how he conducts research for topics, builds characters, and breaks down big ideas into digestible and powerful narratives.

    Become a full-time writer

    With a successful blog and best-selling books, Jeff Goins has established himself as one of the thought leaders in the writing space.

    In this course, he teaches you how to stop self-sabotaging and get past the mental blocks keeping you from becoming a profitable writer.

    If you love content writing, this online training course covers the strategies you need to build an audience doing what you love, and make money in the process. You’ll learn how to launch a platform, promote your content and monetize it with your own products.

    Accelerated 7-figure copywriting

    One of the most popular in the field of copywriting, this content writing training course is by American Writers & Artists Institute.

    Being a pre-eminent copywriting development organization, AWAI covers a lot of useful material in this online training course to learn content writing.

    You’ll learn how to write headlines that grab your readers’ attention and the four-part structure of every sales letter. In addition, it covers the editing techniques to critique your own work.

    Another thing this training for content writers touches upon is the good use of graphics. It includes the key elements of winning graphics, and the biggest design mistakes that can sabotage even the best copy.

    How to create great online content

    If you want to discover what makes online content a success, then this is the course for you. You will learn how to create engaging content based on your business objectives.

    The online training course is authored by Meg Pickard, who is a digital content transformation consultant, facilitator, and trainer with 22+ years of industry experience.

    Other than that, it features advice from industry professionals on how to structure content plans and how to approach content creation for different platforms.

    In addition, this content writing training course covers the proper use of tone, language, and format required for a particular purpose and variety of media.

    Enhance your business writing skills

    Whether you are writing an email to your boss or a letter to the editor, being able to craft your argument clearly and persuasively is essential.

    Employers today are looking for professionals who can clearly communicate messages across multiple channels.

    Among the many courses online, this professional certificate program for content writers will help you learn how to improve your writing organization, logic, and style to get your point across eloquently and quickly.

    You will delve into the details of the writing process and learn how to identify an audience, choose the best structure, and revise and edit early drafts of your work.

    You will then focus on effective business writing for emails, letters, memos, short reports, and more. Lastly, you will learn how to craft clear, concise messages for specific content and audiences on social media.

    Ultimate web content writing masterclass

    Content gets real results only when it’s of top quality. Just like any other profession, you hone your content writing skills by understanding and practicing the fundamentals.

    In this training for content writers, you’ll learn how to write content for the web. After the brief introduction, you’ll learn the difference between different terms like content writing, copywriting, and content marketing.

    Then you’ll learn how to write content for a website. The course covers all the basic ingredients of essential pages like home page, about page, etc.

    After this, you’ll learn how to write a blog post step by step. You’ll also learn some of the best practices to write a great blog post.

    For eCommerce and other types of businesses, it’s a must to write great product and category pages. So the course covers how to write attractive content that sells for the business websites.

    Final thoughts on content writing training

    So there you go. While each of these content writing courses has its flaws, these are the best available on the topic as of now.

    However, do keep in mind that there is no single online training that covers everything about all types of content writing. You’ll have to decide on your own which of these courses is the best fit for you.

    When creating the best learning path for content writing, consider your budget, niche market, skills you want to improve on, and topics you want to learn the most about.

    Did we miss anything in this list of content writing courses? Did you try these courses to learn content writing? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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