Aweber review: complete overview with pros and cons

AWeber ranks as a top choice among email marketing solutions, and it has held this position for quite some time now.

So why is email marketing with AWeber so popular? The reason is that AWeber offers more than 150 editable templates. It also gives you the flexibility to dictate the timing, method, and destination of your messages.

In this AWeber review, I checked it out to determine its ideal customers, which key aspects to look for, and to help you determine if it would suit your needs!

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    What is AWeber?

    AWeber is a leading email marketing platform, providing exceptional resources for complex projects and all the necessary tools to build a great email marketing campaign.

    Using email is among the most effective methods for creating and nurturing close relationships with both current and potential buyers.

    Sadly, writing and dispatching emails one at a time to your whole catalog of customers can take too long. It is moments like this when using AWeber for marketing automation to fill the gap just makes sense.

    AWeber website’s homepage

    AWeber has all the necessary tools to build a thriving email marketing program. With its user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service, you can launch and sustain your email marketing campaign easily.

    By leveraging ready-made reports and automated tools, AWeber has the potential to change your company’s marketing approach. It also facilitates customer interaction within a unified application.

    The most affordable AWeber email marketing package is priced at $19.00 monthly. In case you’re unsure about it, you can take advantage of AWeber’s one-month trial. The trial provides you with every feature you’ll require to excel from the very start.

    Try Aweber

    Now, let’s take a glance at both the positives and the negatives in this AWeber review. And determine whether it aligns with what you’re looking for.

    AWeber review: key features

    Here are a few of AWeber’s main functionalities:

    • Numerous API connections to simplify the utilization of your preferred apps
    • Exceptional consumer support via mobile, instant messaging, and online mail
    • User-friendly drag-and-drop email creator
    • More than 100 editable templates
    • Solid automated response capabilities
    • Ability to tag emails to create triggers
    • Performance data to track the effectiveness of your efforts
    • Good deliverability rates

    AWeber pros and cons

    As with every email marketing platform, you’ll find pros and cons to weigh. So I am going to explore the two aspects in this AWeber review before you make your choice.

    What’s good about AWeber?

    Following a thorough examination, I discovered AWeber provides exceptional functionalities and very little downside. Because of this, a majority of customers stick to it.

    Pre-Designed Reports: AWeber provides a range of top-notch resources for marketing initiatives and tactics. Among them is a sophisticated email analytics tool that generates user-friendly reports. These reports aid you in reaching your target market and increasing revenue.

    Email marketing with AWeber made easy with a report on new subscribers added

    Through this fantastic feature, you’re provided with readymade reports which are simple to understand. It also assists you in identifying optimal send times and top-performing material to generate better views and revenue.

    The reports utilize line graphs to display metrics related to your campaign, such as email opens, hits, purchases, website visits, and opt-outs.

    On top of that, you gain many other insights. These insights include the complete count of email messages you’ve dispatched across a period and the number of email messages not delivered. They also include the amount of negative feedback from recipients.

    Plus, you can cut down on errors as much as possible by A/B testing your email messages to determine the most optimal one.

    An example of two different versions of an email tested with Aweber’s split testing feature

    Automated Newsletter: AWeber lets you automate easily, particularly when it comes to email messages. Because who wants to spend hours every day composing and dispatching routine email messages, right? That’s just asking for exhaustion. So, the better alternative is using AWeber for marketing automation to create an automated email series. And doing that lets you increase your visitors, video views, or purchases.

    With Aweber, you can do a number of things, including saying hello to recent newsletter members and launching your new product. You can also remind potential buyers who didn’t check out. Its automated email series feature makes sure that your material will always reach your target market.

    Using AWeber for marketing automation with its auto newsletter campaign for new subscribers

    Subscriber Segmentation: Looking for increased open rates, page views, and purchases from your email marketing efforts? AWeber lets you achieve those through its contact segmentation feature. This feature allows you to categorize your recipients into specific groups based on custom tags, email opens, clicks, sales, traffic, locality, and registration forms.

    Here’s a screenshot showing how it’s done to find and make a group of recipients tagged as “vegan.”

    AWeber’s subscriber segmentation feature

    AWeber’s platform has the ability to make real-time segments. This allows you to deliver email messages that are super relatable and specifically tailored toward your target market.

    By utilizing AWeber’s registration form segment feature, you’re able to ask for particular details from your potential leads. The details include information like how you address them and email ID. Using these details, you can assign tags to particular forms or make tailored tags according to individual form replies.

    If you wish, you have the option to tailor your categories further by motivating your target market to complete custom fields. Or by allowing them to share their preferences regarding a product or solution they find engaging.

    Award-Winning Support: Being recognized as an award-winning software isn’t merely a catchphrase when it comes to AWeber. The customer support division earning over 15 accolades for assistance since 2015 proves this fact. Among these distinctions is the 2022 Stevie Award for contact center of the year.

    You have the convenience of reaching out to an AWeber customer agent around the clock. And you can do this using mobile, email messages, and instant messaging assistance.

    AWeber provides award-winning assistance from its customer support team. Not just that, it provides helpful guides, educational clips, and a comprehensive information library as well. You’ll easily be able to search for the solutions you require.

    Email Templates: Looking to craft visually appealing email messages or series of emails? If so, AWeber provides the most extensive assortment of templates currently available.

    You have the option to select from over 600 templates that are not only mobile-friendly but also entirely adaptable. And they come at no additional cost within your subscription if you decide to do email marketing with AWeber.

    AWeber’s email template gallery

    AWeber’s online mail templates offer a variety of color combinations, formats, and concepts that maintain their appeal across all phones and computers. You can incorporate your logo, a picture, and your message. What you end up with is an email message that is good to go.

    Check out the range of template options available for you:

    • Newsletter templates
    • Vacation templates
    • Niche-specific templates
    • Special event templates
    • Marketing templates

    You can not only utilize a limitless variety of templates, but also effortlessly shift from one template to another.

    Stock Images: You may be pressed for time, or can’t afford to work with a skilled cameraman. So you have the option to utilize AWeber’s free library of visuals.

    With an extensive library of over 6,000 pictures, you can pick the ideal picture for your company. You can choose from classifications like individuals, commerce, tourism, money management, creative pursuits, and recreation.

    AWeber’s stock images under ‘Science and Technology’ category

    You can also use the pictures you have by importing them into AWeber’s limitless storage.

    Where Aweber lacks?

    As you’ve already read in this AWeber review, the platform has many good features. But it is not without some aspects that could use a bit of a tune-up.

    Outdated UI: I did some digging into many customer ratings for AWeber and there was a recurring element. A lot of customers mentioned that the UI came off as a bit behind the times.

    A customer talked about how the platform is not good for multi-tasking. AWeber only lets you work on individual tasks and prevents you from carrying out a series of tasks simultaneously. This renders it a bit tricky to establish a smooth process.

    A different customer talked about how the UI threw some head-scratchers their way. Sometimes they needed support services to help them use the program.

    Several AWeber reviews also mentioned frustration with the sluggishness and heaviness of AWeber’s UI. A user-friendly UI is the backbone that determines a solution’s success. So it’s a letdown that AWeber seems to be falling short here.

    Inaccurate reports: AWeber provides readymade reports that are typically detailed and user-friendly. But a handful of customers have pointed out some bugs and flawed data in the reports.

    A number of customers seem to have experienced receiving reports displaying incorrect information or even drawing blanks.

    Adding to the pile, a customer talked about how AWeber’s report feature didn’t play nice with the device they were using. The result? Getting the report was impossible.

    Steep learning curve: The consensus among a lot of customers is that using AWeber to its full potential takes some time and effort. They noticed that setting up AWeber was difficult in the absence of a tutorial. Another section of customers complained about the lack of sufficient instructional manuals on how to configure their user accounts.

    Deliverability Safeguards: Ensuring your email messages land where they’re supposed to is crucial in the world of email marketing. This is even more relevant when you’re gunning for increased clicks and for more recipients to view your emails.

    So features like deliverability safeguards are typically built into email marketing solutions to make sure your email messages reach their intended recipients.

    Regrettably, AWeber lacks a feature that lets you identify problems when it comes to landing emails in recipients’ inboxes. You can’t categorize data about whether your emails reached their targets based on email service providers.

    Plus, AWeber doesn’t have a safety net for writing mistakes. This can only result in faulty emails slipping through and AWeber won’t sound the alarm before that happens.

    Aweber pricing

    AWeber presents customers with multiple subscription options and a free package. Here’s a brief rundown before I end this AWeber review:

    A look at the pricing plans for AWeber review

    AWeber Free

    You can send your emails to a maximum of 500 recipients with AWeber’s free plan. This package is the ideal starting point for kicking off your company’s promotion journey.

    With this, you can create one collection of contacts, one lead capture page, one email automation, and receive limited customer service, and limited templates.

    AWeber Lite

    You can opt for AWeber Lite by making a yearly payment, which equates to $12.50 monthly. With it, you can send your emails to a limitless number of recipients. It gives you the ability to create one collection of contacts, three lead capture pages, and three email automations. And it includes round-the-clock customer service, and in-depth email performance reports.

    AWeber Plus

    AWeber Plus is the users’ favorite with an yearly payment cycle that equates to $20 monthly. This package also allows you to send your emails to an infinite number of recipients.

    In contrast to AWeber Lite, it allows you to create limitless collections of contacts, lead capture pages, and email automations. Plus, you enjoy access to a comprehensive template gallery, in-depth insights, and fast, round-the-clock customer service.

    You get extra perks not found in AWeber Free or AWeber Lite packages with this option. These are premium lead capture page functions, purchase monitoring, and the option to get rid of the AWeber watermark.

    AWeber Unlimited

    For a flat rate of $899 monthly, you can market to limitless recipients. It also includes every single function you get in AWeber Plus, along with an extra tailored account handling feature.

    Frequently asked questions

    Does AWeber’s free trial limit access to features?

    During AWeber’s introductory free month, you get to try every one of its email marketing and automation functions. Once the free period concludes, AWeber will prompt you to choose a plan for which you pay every 30 days, three months, or year in order for you to keep using every function.

    Does AWeber offer good analytics?

    Absolutely! Among AWeber’s well-liked functions is its comprehensive performance reports, giving you insights into crucial metrics like open rates and click-through rates. It doesn’t stop at just reporting – you can effortlessly act based on these metrics.

    For instance, say someone didn’t read the initial email, you have the ability to redeliver an email series. Or you can make categories of individuals who pressed on a particular button.

    Does AWeber offer a drag-and-drop editor?

    Yes, it offers both templates (pre-built designs that are customizable) and a drag-and-drop editor so you can quickly create beautiful, functional emails.

    You won’t need any technical expertise to use the editor. Making changes to logo, images, text, and layout is very easy

    AWeber hooks you up with not only ready-made templates that you can edit but also a drag-and-drop editor. This means you can swiftly make visually appealing and effective messages without you having to be a pro. Tweaking the branding, visuals, written content, and design is a breeze with the editor.

    Final thoughts

    When I size up AWeber against the different email marketing solutions out there, it earns a spot among my favorites. Why? AWeber comes packed with sophisticated promotion features customized for large-scale programs.

    So using AWeber for marketing automation is just logical. And also because of its top-notch customer service.

    Plus, AWeber provides ready-made reports and templates that let you create and distribute your top content easily. Its acclaimed customer service and automated functions combined let you build a flawless program.

    As you’ve learned from this AWeber review, email marketing with AWeber proves to be a solid choice. It offers customers sophisticated promotion features tailored for large-scale campaigns.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try Aweber? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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