Top 11 content marketing blogs you should follow in 2024

Keeping up with content marketing changes and information in this evolving field can be challenging.

That’s why following marketing blogs from industry leaders will not just keep you up to date but also motivates you to try new things in your marketing efforts.

So with that in mind, jump into our well-collected list of thriving and useful content marketing blogs.

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    Content marketing blogs

    If you’re searching for a method to develop your content marketing strategy, then you should gain knowledge from the greatest content marketing bloggers there are.

    These content blogs from experienced marketers will assist you in taking your content plan to another tier.

    The HypeGig blog

    What better way to begin this listicle apart from an obvious mention of our blog? And if you’ve found this list, we must be doing something right!

    If you just found us, our blog discusses content marketing, online promotion, SEO, and much more. Take a peek, then get comfortable for the journey because you will definitely gain some new information, regardless of your proficiency.

    Gaps and Detailed

    Glen Allsopp manages two content blogs, Gaps and Detailed. Even though these marketing blogs have different focus areas, we figured it would be better to merge them, so that they don’t feel repetitive. mainly includes business-based content and case analyses of lucrative niches. It’s for potential entrepreneurs who want to stay updated on the latest web business prospects and business models.

    Marketing professionals might choose, which involves technical SEO guidance, keyword research strategies, along with fascinating tests for additional knowledge.

    Recommended reading:


    Copyhackers is backed by Joanna Weibe, who has enhanced copies for loads of clients from as far back as 2005.

    She shares her wealth of experience on Copyhackers’ content marketing blog, where she gives copywriting strategies and client handling advice in a comprehensive manner.

    She even collaborated with SaaS giants like Wistia to improve their welcome email series. And she’s also been a speaker at big seminars like CXL Live on the ways to compose a copy that gets more conversions.

    Recommended reading:

    Grow & Convert

    Grow & Convert was a result of a test conducted by creators Devesh Khanal and Benji Hyam.

    The test started when they resolved to get 40,000 distinct users in the span of six months in 2015.

    Although they failed to reach their target, their comprehensiveness in recording the procedure got them appreciation in the content marketing field.

    Presently, Grow & Convert is an established content marketing agency with one of the leading content marketing blogs.

    Recommended reading:


    As the creator Peep Laja said, ConversionXL seeks to provide high-quality practical knowledge to everyone. And it has reached that objective if you look at the blog’s material.

    CXL’s content marketing blog has suggestions and industry studies on conversion rate optimization (CRO), along with sections including web analytics, brand development, writing copy, and much else.

    Recommended reading:


    Animalz is a content marketing company, created in 2015 by the ex-CEO of iDonethis, Walter Chen.

    Their content marketing blog is not only visually appealing but every article is also packed with innovative thoughts that make you think. This makes content marketers come back again and again.

    The articles are a reminder of Seth’s blog posts, although longer and with more emphasis on practical suggestions.

    Recommended reading:

    SEO blog by Aleyda

    It would be difficult to come across a blog similar to that of Aleyda Solis’.

    The SEO advisor, lecturer, and writer have more than 17,000 subscribers of her well-known newsletter, #SEOFOMO. Still, she manages to run a content marketing blog, although irregularly.

    Many articles on her blog demand a certain level of familiarity with SEO because they usually get technical.

    Moreover, Aleyda is liberal in conveying tried and tested advice and provides worksheets that other content blogs don’t, like this one on keyword mapping for various kinds of websites.

    Recommended reading:

    Seige Media’s content marketing blog

    Business owner and influencer Ross Hudgens directed his SEO proficiency into creating Seige Media, a content marketing company that includes every type of copywriting and SEO advice in its content marketing blog.

    Although the content is not super organized, the real-world success stories are fascinating to read or hear.

    Recommended reading:

    The Moz blog

    Moz is another leading content marketing blog for newcomers and professionals trying to gain full advantage of search engine optimization.

    Moz’s blog is a gold mine of knowledge regarding online marketing. Content pieces on different niches of SEO are often posted on the blog as well.

    The blog also includes essential subjects like search intent and video marketing.

    So Moz is among the best-known content marketing blogs out there.

    It can provide a great deal of guidance to online marketers of various proficiencies to develop their promotional efforts.

    Recommended reading:

    Unbounce blog

    If you’re searching for a blog that frequently posts content on advanced online marketing insights, then this is among the best reads to watch out for.

    The Unbounce blog talks about the broad range of subjects that other marketing blogs may not include.

    These concepts may assist you in being ahead of your rivals and other content marketing bloggers.

    Due to its first-rate content, Unbounce has developed a solid standing as a part of the leading online marketing blogs in the industry.

    If you’re trying to find details on fresh online marketing insights, then you should check out the articles posted by Unbounce.

    Recommended reading:

    Orbit Media blog

    Following Unbounce, you should also check out Orbit Media, a creative agency that built a performance-based content marketing blog.

    Although the blog posts sometimes get a little off track, it is ideal if you’re searching for methods to enhance your digital presence.

    If you go through their blog frequently, you will understand precisely the steps you have to take to create a tactical site as well as improve your conversion rate.

    Recommended reading:

    Final thoughts on content marketing blogs

    We’re supporters of continuous education, so do remember that this listicle on content blogs does not cover everything.

    It’s not difficult to follow the content marketing blogs you like but giving other marketing blogs a read to improve your understanding is also critical.

    Keep a broad-minded approach while reading or listening, post queries in web forums, and test out different marketing techniques from content marketing bloggers to discover what works out for you.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these content blogs? Do you have any questions or comments about these marketing blogs? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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