9 best Copy.ai alternatives and competitors in 2024

Let’s face it. At this moment, AI writing tools like Copy AI aren’t advanced enough to put content writers and editors out of their jobs.

That being said, they still have their applications, especially when it comes to automating routine writing labor.

For example, they’re useful when you want to organize an outline, overcome writer’s block, and generate chunks of content patterns, such as production descriptions and ad copy.

So using Copy AI or one of its alternatives can help you produce more content fast. In this post, I’ll walk you through the best options that you can consider for your AI copywriting needs.

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    What is Copy.ai?

    Copy AI is an AI-based writing tool. It helps you write a variety of material, such as long-form articles and advertising copy. You can also use it to rewrite paragraphs to match a certain tone or style.

    Copy AI homepage

    More than 1 million people are using Copy AI. So it’s safe to say that AI writing has established itself in the market.

    Getting started with Copy AI is quick and easy, as it has an intuitive and neat interface. You can pick a blog post, landing page, or other template to begin your project. Or you can start from a blank page.

    Start with Copy AI

    Whether you want short advertising copy, content rephases, or ecommerce product descriptions, Copy.ai is a great choice for all types of content writing.

    Why look for Copy.ai alternatives?

    Copy.ai comes with a lot of valuable features. But it’s not for everyone. And there are certain aspects that could use some improvement. These are:

    Shortage of integrations

    Integration with your existing writing and editing tools is a huge plus for any content writing software. But Copy.ai doesn’t have that many integrations. Its alternative, Jasper, for example, integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO. This saves time and helps optimize content for the best ranking possible.

    Blog post generator is lacking

    The blog post generator needs considerable improvement. Granted, it’s not as bad as it used to be a while ago, but it still doesn’t fully understand the context. So whatever you generate ends up requiring a lot of editing.

    High pricing

    There is a free plan that’s useful for individuals and small projects. But for growing teams of 20+ members, it can get really expensive, starting from $186/month.

    No built-in plagiarism checker

    Plagiarism detection is an essential feature that is expected from any high-end writing software these days. And Copy.ai doesn’t have it yet. So you’ll need a separate tool for this purpose, such as Grammarly or its alternatives.

    Now that you know the reasons to look for a solution similar to Copy.ai, let’s take a look at some of its main competitors.

    Top Copy.ai alternatives

    Copy.ai alternatives like Jasper, Writesonic, and ShortlyAI offer similar AI-powered copywriting tools. These platforms utilize natural language processing to generate content for various purposes such as ads, blog posts, and social media.


    GrowthBar is an exceptional AI writing tool, especially for SEO. Its machine learning algorithms let you create engaging content fast. And its feature set is more extensive than Copy.ai.

    Growthbar for AI writing

    It’s a platform created for marketing professionals and business owners looking to write high-quality content on a regular basis.

    GrowthBar also lets you monitor your SEO performance and search engine rankings. You can carry out keyword research, audit competitors, and obviously, generate AI-based outlines and text.

    The content you generate with GrowthBar includes SEO optimization, making sure that it’s easy for you to rank it in search engines.

    There is no free trial with GrowthBar, but the tool does give you a 5-day money-back guarantee. This should be enough for you to experiment with its features and evaluate its fit for your needs.


    If you’re a copywriter, marketer, or entrepreneur with lots of content ideas but little time to write about them, Hypotenuse.ai is the solution for you. That’s why the tool has quickly gained popularity, despite being newer to the AI copywriting market.

    Hypotenuse for article writing

    This AI writing tool allows you to write content quickly. It does that by automating the research and writing tasks.

    Using Hypotenuse.ai, you can produce high-quality and SEO content in just a few minutes. And you can create many types of copy, such as product descriptions, social media captions, and blog posts.

    Besides that, Hypotenuse.ai works really well for online store owners. And it has a direct integration with ecommerce platforms, like Shopify.


    Wordtune is among the leading Copy.ai alternatives. It’s an AI-based writing assistant with a UI and features similar to Copy.ai. However, there’s one key difference: it mainly works through its Chrome extension.

    Wordtune’s biggest benefit is to paraphrase or rewrite content to make it better. Once Wordtune has worked its magic on your copy, it becomes more compelling, clear, and authentic. In fact, you can try it out for yourself at no charge.

    What Wordtune can do

    Here’s how it works: You can upload the content you have written, or copy and paste it into the platform. Wordtune will then give you an improved version of the content. The result is great content that still sounds like you.

    While Wordtune is among the most budget-friendly AI writing software available today, its features are limited to rewriting. So it may not work that well for SEO optimization or writing long-form blog posts.

    Article Forge

    Article Forge is another AI-driven copywriting tool that claims to generate high-quality content. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and quick.

    Articleforge AI content

    In minutes, you can upload your material or find text online, and Article Forge will do the rest. Its machine-learning models are as advanced as Google’s.

    So what makes it stand out from other AI writing tools out there is its ability to produce SEO content.

    That means it can automatically generate copy that includes related keywords, while adhering to a specific word count. In just a few seconds, you’ll have marketing material that has a high chance of ranking in search engines.


    Anyword is a completely automated AI-based content-writing solution. This AI-powered software can generate blog posts, emails, and other content with ease. So you can churn out hundreds of articles in just a few weeks.

    Content creation with Anyword

    It’s a powerful tool that can generate a variety of content types, from email copy and landing pages to Instagram captions and long-form content.

    How does it work? It uses predictive algorithms to recommend alternatives to words and phrases in your content. So far, the results have been satisfactory. I have tried it for an article and it took a few seconds only to produce multiple paragraphs.

    The downside is that it’s very expensive, starting from $100/month. So it may not be affordable for small businesses.


    Another AI-powered copywriting solution is Jasper. With this tool, you can generate good content for your online business. This includes blog posts, social media updates, and product descriptions.

    To begin using Jasper, you can pick a template or a blank project. Next, enter details about your topic and let Jasper handle the rest. In a short time, you’ll get a well-written copy that you can publish instantly to your blog or website.

    Jasper user interface

    You must be wondering: what makes Jasper stand out from other content-writing software in the market? It’s the use of GPT-3 and natural language processing (NLP). In fact, it has had a pioneering role in the automatic generation of long-form content.

    Another great thing about Jasper is that it’s very affordable. And it integrates well with Surfer SEO, which is great if you want your content optimized for search engines.


    Copysmith.ai is among the few Copy.ai alternatives that provide human-style writing. This content writing tool makes your content better by giving recommendations from its analysis of more than a million headlines.

    It targets mainly agencies and online store owners and does a great job of generating product descriptions, Facebook Ads, long-form content, and other social media content.

    If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are many templates for you to begin with.

    Copysmith Copy AI alternatives

    What I like most about Copysmith is its ability to write short-form marketing copy, sales copy, and product descriptions. If you want content that sells, you should definitely check out Copysmith.


    Frase is a good choice for people seeking an AI-driven writing tool. With this tool, you don’t just get your content fast, but also get assistance in SEO optimization.

    Frase AI for SEO content

    When using Frase, you begin by producing a content brief. This is basically a content outline developed based on your target keyword. Frase creates this outline strategically by analyzing high-ranking content in Google.

    Based on this analysis, Frase also provides keyword suggestions, assets, and headlines for incorporation into content. In that way, Frase is an alternative to Copysmith, Surfer SEO, MarketMuse, and Clearscope.

    As far as content writing with Frase is concerned, you can begin from scratch or use the content brief to give you direction and structure.

    Besides that, Frase’s content editor has many built-in features, such as a thesaurus, dictionary, and tone analyzer.

    Using these tools, you can enhance the SEO-friendliness and readability of your content. So if you seek a complete AI-powered copywriting tool, consider Frase.


    Just like Frase, Dashword is more similar to Surfer and Clearscope than it is a competitor to Copy.ai. Still, it merits inclusion in this article because of its robust AI content generation and optimization capabilities.

    Dashword is a Copy AI competitor

    Like Frase, it reverse engineers the factors behind the success of high-ranking content for a particular keyword. Then it generates a content brief with suggestions according to those factors, including content length, headlines, and keywords to be used within the content.

    With Dashword, you can also track your content proactively and create chunks of content, such as meta descriptions and social media captions.

    Bottom line: tools similar to Copy AI

    So there we go. Your search for a Copy AI alternative should end here. Whether you want to generate copy for landing pages, Google Ads, marketing, or blog posts, I hope this list has given you a good headstart.

    If you ask me, I’d recommend Jasper. Based on my experience, it’s a complete and highly-accurate AI-writer in the market today.

    If you want to focus more on SEO, then you can pick GrowthBar, while Article Forge is great for its plagiarism detection features. So conduct your due diligence, and start creating more content at scale.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these tools? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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