How to hire a branding professional or agency for your business in 2024

Branding is more than what’s on the surface for most people. It comprises the holistic experience of how your company interacts with buyers as a whole.

Now, of course, it includes a logo. But it also encompasses how you process a sale, bring customers on board, nurture your relationship with them, and provide ongoing support.

Weaving the identity of your company in all your business operations and all the stages of the customer journey is where a branding agency or consultant can fill the gap.

The right branding firm can analyze your brand personality in detail, and make sure that every aspect of your branding is aligned with your business objectives. But how do you find and hire the right branding experts for your business? That’s what I’ll cover in this guide. So let’s dig in.

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    What does branding involve?

    What can a branding company or freelancer do for you? Simply put, it helps businesses build a distinct brand identity to position their services or products in the minds of consumers.

    A brand strategy agency or consultant works with you and your team to:

    • Create a framework for the different components of your brand (such as a mission, manifesto, values, and story).
    • Pin down your target customers and engagement goals
    • Research your competitors, industry, and market
    • Determine your business name, personality, voice, and communication style
    • Refine the visual components of your brand, like the logo, colors, typography, and imagery
    • Improve your core message and value proposition

    Remember, branding isn’t just about your logo and website. A branding expert collaborates with you to design each and every element of your brand identity. And ensure that all the elements are consistent and give a united front.

    Components of branding
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    Besides that, branding companies are also sought after by businesses seeking to reposition or rebrand themselves in the industry.

    Why hire a branding consultant?

    68% of companies say that brand consistency has played a role in growing their sales by more than 10%.

    Link between brand consistency and revenue growth

    Needless to say, branding has the power to make or break your business. You want your business brand to be easily recognizable and well-known by your target demographic. And branding consultants can help you get there.

    Branding firms help you establish a distinct brand personality and gain industry recognition. And they help set you apart from similar companies, leading to more sales. Here are the key advantages of working with a branding expert.

    A clear understanding of what your brand brings to the table

    Every brand is different. And it’s hard for you and your team to be objective about your branding since it’s something they are exposed to every day.

    Hiring a branding company helps you get an objective look at your company and what you stand for. The agency gives you an unbiased take on your current market position and reputation. And it helps you understand how to get to the top.

    A branding consultant works with you to set goals with regard to how you want to be perceived by your industry peers and customers. So you can come up with a differentiation strategy for the next 3-5 years.

    Access to current tools and technologies

    A branding consultant has the knowledge to build a brand that communicates your business vision, goals, and culture. To personalize the brand, branding companies have the necessary software, tools, and licenses, which may be to too expensive for you to buy on your own.

    Avoid the cost of hiring or training in-house personnel

    If you plan on getting your branding done in-house, you’ll need to have team members with the right skills and experience. So either you’ll have to hire new employees or train your existing staff. Both these options don’t come without added costs. It may be cheaper to hire a freelancer or agency instead.

    Unlock expertise and experience in industry best practices

    Branding experts have typically worked with a number of businesses in multiple industries. There’s nothing more valuable than this kind of experience when it comes to branding.

    With a branding consultant or agency, you’ll get proven insights on shaping the look and feel of your brand.

    Services offered by branding experts

    Branding agencies provide a variety of services, such as managing brand reputation, developing a brand image, and spreading awareness for the brand’s products and services. Let’s take a look at these one by one.

    Brand identity and design

    These branding services are meant to distinguish a company’s perception and brand image from competitors. And to build a brand personality that engages its target audience.

    An example of brand identity design

    Brand identity development is a collection of many services, including:

    • Logo design: This involves creating a business logo that serves as the face of the company, enhances brand awareness, and separates the brand from competitors and alternatives.
    • Graphic design: Branding firms create many kinds of graphics, illustrations, and artworks that align with the brand’s voice and emphasize its core mission.
    • Web development: Branding professionals also assist with creating websites with a user experience that matches the brand’s personality. These websites, in turn, help attract repeat visitors, convert them into leads, and add to the bottom line.
    • Brand kit: Agencies create brand guidelines that cover rules regarding font usage, colors, logos, illustrations, and graphics.
    • Brand naming and slogan: Branding experts also work on generating memorable names for their clients’ businesses, along with catchy taglines that pack a punch.
    • Packaging design: If you deal with any type of packaged goods, branding agencies work with you to develop designs that capture customers’ attention when they are browsing the shopping isles.

    Brand strategy development

    A brand strategy is a blueprint that covers how you will position your brand in the market and make it stand out from the competition.

    Besides that, a branding expert’s services involve crafting the right messaging to attract relevant audiences. On a basic level, they consist of the following:

    • Brand voice: Brand voice refers to how you want your brand to sound in light of the personality chosen for the brand. For example, a brand’s voice could be inspiring, funny, professional, calm, or a combination of two or three attributes.
    • Product positioning: Positioning a brand means establishing a unique need and market for its products and services. A branding firm helps with this by carefully conducting market research and analysis, which brings me to the next service offered by a branding consultant.

    Market analysis and research

    Market analysis and research help brands get a better sense of their audience, industry, and competitors. By conducting this research, branding agencies aid businesses in getting a grip on modern trends and creating an identity that is received positively by their audiences.

    Videos and animation

    Some branding companies also provide video creation and animation services. By creating short animations and clips, you can highlight your brand and explain your product and services in the form of rich media.


    Rebranding means creating a fresh and updated brand image. It may be partial, but it may also involve a complete rethinking of your brand’s name, slogan, logo, and overall aesthetic.

    Rebranding firms specialize in working with businesses that are looking to change audience perception, handle an image crisis, navigate a restructuring or merger, or venture into new markets.

    What to look for in a branding agency

    Finding the right branding professional or agency for you can be difficult. Not every consultant will have the aptitude to understand the core operations and value of your brand. So it’ll help you if you keep a few pointers in mind when evaluating a branding agency.

    First, be clear on what type of branding services you need. Many businesses make the mistake of jumping into a call with an agency representative without fully understanding what exactly do they want. Don’t let that be you.

    Some branding agencies may also ask you to pay a fee to get on a consultation meeting with them. So understanding your requirements right from the beginning will help you get the most value from your investment.

    As you are shifting through different consultants and agencies, make sure to review their past work samples and historical performance. You want to see a solid track record of successful projects and deliverables they have produced for their previous clients.

    Another great idea is to ask the agencies you are considering for some of the previous clients that you can talk to. Speaking to existing or past clients will help you get a vivid picture of the agency’s competence, communication, and overall work ethic.

    Next, check if the services provided by your chosen consultants are a good match for your branding objectives. While many agencies claim to provide all kinds of branding services, they usually have varying strengths and weaknesses.

    So it’s prudent to check if they have specific expertise in the areas that you require. This will not just help you save money and time, but also get high-quality work.

    How much does a branding agency cost?

    Branding firms and consultants have various pricing models. The amount they ask you to pay may depend on a number of factors, such as your business location, branding requirements, and the agency’s experience in handling projects like yours. That being said, here’s a laydown to give you a general idea of what to expect.

    Branding agency charges
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    Here are the common pricing models branding experts and agencies typically adhere to:

    Hourly pricing model: In this model, branding professionals and agencies charge you by the hour. This is suitable in scenarios where it’s hard to pin down exactly how much time and effort the project will take.

    This pricing model is used for branding services such as creating a brand strategy, designing a logo, or writing social media content.

    Project-based pricing model: Branding agencies opt for a project-based pricing model when it’s possible to brainstorm and predict the cost of the entire project in advance.

    This model is a good match for projects such as rebranding or improving a brand’s web presence. Consultants and agencies that follow this model usually take 15-20% of the total fee in advance before beginning the work.

    Summing up: hire branding help

    By now, I hope you understand how important it is for your business to get its branding right. Whether you are a small business or a large conglomerate with a big market share, better branding can help you get ahead and beat competitors.

    The right branding assistance can create a lasting impression on your audience and get them to be emotionally invested in your products and services. This, in turn, helps you succeed in the marketplace and grow your revenue.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these tips? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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