BuzzSumo review: can it help boost your content marketing?

While I would like to comfort you that producing content passionately is enough to amass a respectable following, it’s actually not the case.

Instead, building an audience involves the collection of tactics and software you utilize to analyze, produce, and market content.

BuzzSumo software is among a handful that let you handle every one of these factors.

It’s a content analysis software that’s developed for many purposes. For example, it lets you deeply understand your market segment, take inspiration from influencers, and form relationships with people who can increase your content’s visibility.

Having said that, before spending money on a content marketing tool, you must have complete knowledge to make the right choice.

That’s why this guide offers a detailed review of BuzzSumo. It also provides an explanation of its features as a complete software for content marketing and blogging professionals.

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    What is BuzzSumo?

    BuzzSumo is a content marketing software that helps businesses reach their KPIs (key performance indicators) by discovering trending content insights, researching competitors, and connecting with industry influencers.

    For anyone who’s still wondering, BuzzSumo is not a sumo fighter.

    It’s a content marketing software that enables companies like yours to reach their key performance indicators (KPIs) simply and quickly.

    BuzzSumo does this by allowing you to discover trending content topics, research rivals, and reach out to thought leaders.

    A look at the user interface in my BuzzSumo review

    I’ll talk about the functions in detail shortly in this review of BuzzSumo. But in general, BuzzSumo is a complete software that every business engaging in content marketing must think about. It’ll save you a lot of time from scouring Google for insights.

    For example, you can immediately identify what people are eager to know in your field. And with the brand monitoring function, you can monitor how users are mentioning your company. This provides a chance to interact with such people and establish valuable connections.

    Plus, as influencer marketing gains popularity, BuzzSumo has a platform where you can find and reach out to market thought leaders.

    All of this implies that you don’t require additional software or solutions. You can accomplish everything with a single tool, saving hours, effort, and spending. With that said, here is a comprehensive review of BuzzSumo and what you get with it.

    What are the key features of BuzzSumo?

    The main features of BuzzSumo are content discovery, content curation, content insights, competitive analysis, brand monitoring, influencer marketing, and backlink analysis.

    BuzzSumo provides various capabilities and features to lower your burden as a content marketing professional. This makes using BuzzSumo for content marketing a good choice.

    It’ll increase the pace at which you run content initiatives and improve their efficiency. Let’s see how in this BuzzSumo review.

    Content discovery

    It’s not easy to think about content ideas.

    Imagine generating unlimited article topics without ever going through that challenge. That’s where BuzzSumo’s content discovery tool comes in.

    Content discovery feature in the BuzzSumo software

    You can quickly discover the most popular material in the industry of your choice over the last several hours, days, months, or years. You can test it out on your own for free. Just enter a phrase and press the search option.

    But that’s not all. You can categorize the data according to social media networks. This lets users determine which material comes out on top on every platform, enabling them to improve their social media marketing plans.

    BuzzSumo also allows you to fine-tune your queries to a granular level with keywords and parameters. It’s something that other basic solutions do not let you accomplish.

    It does more than simply examine the blog articles. It evaluates how audio, video, and different types of content are performing, providing you with an endless supply of content intelligence on different types of content.

    Content curation

    Another key feature to mention in this BuzzSumo review is content curation. BuzzSumo not only lets you discover content topics but also allows you to find, collect, and share relevant material with your target audience.

    It accomplishes this by letting you create live notifications for keywords, rivals, or subjects. This way, you’ll be ahead of others in viewing fresh material as it’s posted, and get the most up-to-date ideas.

    Alerts section in BuzzSumo tool

    Not just that. BuzzSumo allows you to distribute pieces of content on social media straight from the online application. Or you can plan the sharing for later by integrating with Buffer.

    You can also set alerts for every time a particular writer or magazine publishes a new post. This is beneficial for monitoring rivals or just viewing the content of the thought leaders you like the most.

    Content insights

    BuzzSumo offers many in-depth reports regarding keywords, content, and particular authors.

    For example, you can get analytics reporting on particular content ideas. This lets you find out the amount of material published on the topic and its distribution count on social media platforms.

    BuzzSumo’s content research dashboard

    You can also use these details as benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing initiatives.

    On top of that, BuzzSumo shows which platforms and types of content are the most successful. You can leverage this data to include content formats and networks you’ve not used before in your marketing plan.

    It sounds simple, yet I’ve frequently seen companies execute initiatives blindly. And never pause to think about ineffective keywords or underperforming material.

    If you’ve also done this before, no need to fret. The data you get from BuzzSumo can improve the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

    Competitive analysis

    Every now and then, you need to become an investigator and spy on your industry competitors.

    Competitor analysis tool in BuzzSumo

    Doing so lets you find the latest market changes, chances, and methods to beat your competitors. And BuzzSumo provides you with features for doing precisely that. Just enter a rival’s website, and you can examine:

    • Their most successful material
    • How many times their content is shared on social media
    • The platforms they are most active on
    • The type of content they publish frequently

    Once you’re finished examining a rival, set up a notification to receive their latest posts directly in your mailbox.

    Finally, with BuzzSumo, you can measure exactly how well your site does against others for comparison and research purposes.

    For example, if you work in a cutthroat industry, such as SaaS or online marketing, this is a crucial function you may not want to overlook.

    The market is getting increasingly competitive to work in, and start-ups are emerging daily. So, if you’re not analyzing your competitors to find a way to stand out, your material will become obsolete.

    Brand monitoring

    Imagine if you could find whenever somebody bad-mouths your company so you can immediately handle the situation.

    So any BuzzSumo review won’t be complete without discussing brand monitoring. BuzzSumo offers an intuitive brand monitoring function that lets you track what people are saying about your business.

    BuzzSumo’s brand monitoring tool

    You can do this by creating notifications for your company’s name or the material you’ve posted. And whenever anyone talks about these aspects, you can quickly see how the conversation surrounding your brand is going and reply.

    In the same way, you can also set notifications for every time your post or site gets links from other websites.

    This allows you to instantly express gratitude towards those sites through social media platforms and mention the article that linked to you. Doing this can build new contacts and lay the groundwork for future collaborations.

    Influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing has been continuously growing for the last few years. And you may leverage it in your overall plan.

    For this reason, BuzzSumo offers influencer marketing and communication features. So you could reach out to influencers in your industry and expand your business.

    Influencer finder tool in BuzzSumo for content marketing

    You can look for thought leaders according to topics, keywords, or other criteria and follow them on social sites straight from the application.

    Plus, you can create groups of influencers and interact with them without needing to exit the BuzzSumo software platform.

    No doubt, links pointing to your site are extremely crucial for a high search engine ranking. With no backlinks, you’ll be stuck on who knows where in the search engine results.

    And can you guess how many people will visit your website? None!

    For this reason, BuzzSumo lets you enter a website’s address and view every one of the backlinks directed toward that page.

    Backlink analysis tool in BuzzSumo

    You can use this data to examine how your competitors are developing their backlink profiles. And imitate their approach to improve your site’s ranking.

    On top of that, you can track how well your initiatives for getting more links are going with this useful BuzzSumo tool.

    Pros and cons of BuzzSumo

    After talking about the key features of BuzzSumo, let’s look at its pros and cons. This BuzzSumo review won’t be complete without taking a look at them.

    What are the benefits of BuzzSumo?

    BuzzSumo offers an intuitive and flexible interface that provides a wealth of content ideas based on existing content. Its influencer outreach capabilities allow you to connect with influencers and build backlinks along with content creation.

    Keep in mind that using too many solutions might make content development even more complex. So before adding a piece of software like BuzzSumo to your stack, take a look at its advantages:

    User-friendly, adaptable, and flexible – Similar to what you’d expect from an advanced web-based solution, BuzzSumo provides a simple and smooth UI that is designed for utmost efficiency.

    Offers a lot of topics to develop content – BuzzSumo allows you to get content ideas and subjects by examining first-hand how well the published material is doing.

    Increase following and engagement on social media – BuzzSumo allows you to find and connect with renowned industry professionals on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    Lets you build backlinks – The effectiveness of your efforts to get backlinks depends on how you identify thought leaders. This is also one of the things with which BuzzSumo helps you. With BuzzSumo, you can categorize influencers based on their chosen type of content, fields of specialization, and digital presence.

    What are the limitations of BuzzSumo?

    BuzzSumo has many restrictions in its starting plan and is not suitable for beginners.

    Now that I’ve discussed BuzzSumo’s advantages, let’s talk about its cons in this BuzzSumo review:

    The starting package is very limited – Even though $95 per month might seem economical to you, this entry-level package has a lot of restrictions.

    It’s not suitable for beginners – You should have a basic understanding of content marketing to make the most of the tools in BuzzSumo. Since it’s a paid solution, avoid purchasing it until your website reaches a point where you’re serious about generating consistent income.

    How much does BuzzSumo cost?

    BuzzSumo offers five pricing plans ranging from $95 to $999 per month when billed annually. You can also utilize its 30-day free trial to see how it works.

    BuzzSumo provides a 30-day free trial for its plans to let you discover content insights and analyze competitors.

    But this trial is somewhat restrictive. For example, you’ll not be able to modify settings other than those already selected.

    So if you want to access all the features of BuzzSumo, take a look at these plans (billed yearly):

    Basic – It costs $95 per month and includes 80 searches, one alert, two years of historical information, one member, unlimited exports, unlimited projects, a single trending feed, a content ideas generator, and monitoring.

    Content Creation – Priced at $199 per month, this plan contains five alerts, 300 searches, three years of historical details, five trending feeds, five users, a topic explorer, a content analyzer, and a question analyzer.

    PR & Comms – This plan is for agencies to keep an eye on media mentions, find reporters, and monitor industry changes. It’ll cost you $199/month and comes with 15 alerts, 150 searches, 15 trending feeds, three years of past information, and lets you add up to five team members. It also offers coverage reports, Slack integration, and a journalist database.

    Suite – This package is perfect for companies with up to 10 users and costs $319 per month. It lets you perform 800 searches, set 30 alerts, have 30 trending feeds, access the last five years of information, and create unlimited projects. On top of that, it provides a Facebook analyzer and allows you to find influencers on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

    Enterprise – Offers complete access to all features of BuzzSumo at $999 per month, annual billing only. This package has everything in Suite plus unlimited searches, an RSS feed, dedicated customer support, and access to the latest functions before anyone else.

    With these many options, you can find an appropriate package for your company regardless of your objectives or spending capacity.

    Final thoughts on BuzzSumo review

    If you have a content marketing plan in place and want to take it to another level, you require software like BuzzSumo.

    BuzzSumo lets you discover new content topics, outperform rivals, and network with top influencers in your niche.

    My final verdict from this BuzzSumo review is that the pros of utilizing it overshadow its minor disadvantages.

    I’d even argue that it’s the sole solution you’ll require to expand your content production, influencer outreach, search, and analysis.

    Use the 30-day free trial to understand its features and to decide whether using BuzzSumo for content marketing is the correct choice.

    Did we miss anything in this BuzzSumo review? Did you try the BuzzSumo tool? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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