How to build a content marketing team: structure and roles for 2024

Data from CMI shows that 35% of companies don’t have a full-time person focusing on content marketing.

That’s unfortunate, because a content marketing program works only when every necessary component is present and optimized for the best results.

Like a machine, if a part isn’t working how it should, there could be damaging consequences. We’ve seen this firsthand time and again at the organizations we have worked with.

But with the right content marketing team structure, even the smallest of businesses can move the needle in their marketing efforts. And that’s what we’re going to discuss in this guide.

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    Key content marketing roles

    Of course, not every business can have or needs to have a full-fledged content marketing department with a dozen or more people.

    There is a limit to how many people you can recruit or outsource to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do more with less.

    Thanks to our years of experience (and the mistakes we’ve made along the way), we have found the following to be the essential roles for a content marketing team.

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    A word of caution: I know we have outlined many content marketing roles here, but that doesn’t mean you should go on a hiring marathon to fill each of them.

    As discussed, like most companies, you’re probably battling resource and budget limitations. So the idea is to be more efficient with what you have.

    Content strategy roles

    The planning stage is the heart of your complete content marketing process. Now is when you develop an effective blueprint that is backed by facts. And your strategy should be in sync with your business objectives.

    Needless to say, the secret to a fruitful plan is involving the relevant contributors from the beginning. Following are the important roles you need within your content marketing team for better performance.

    Content marketing strategist

    The content marketing vehicle requires someone to move it forward. It can be a business owner, marketing director, or another senior-level position.

    This person works as a link between sales and marketing, since the main role of marketing is to boost revenue.

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    Content marketing strategists work with senior managers. They do so to make sure the content roadmap is in sync with business objectives.

    Not only this. They also collaborate with people involved in branding. This is to assure all information mirrors the personality of the brand.

    Content marketing coordinator

    There are various components to a marketing vehicle (including content creation and content promotion). An efficient marketing coordinator serves as a troubleshooter.

    They lead and ensure all members (of your content marketing team) have the tools and guidance to finish the assigned work.

    This person also supports the content plan and remains up-to-date with market developments. They also help with content production and promotion.

    Content performance analyst

    An important aspect of a powerful content plan is the capability to evaluate it. So, you require a person to take charge of the data analysis department.

    The analytics job involves more than crunching the numbers. It aims to derive valuable findings from the metrics. This role is also beneficial to assist in content production (based on internal information).

    Above all, this role impacts the work of other team members. For example, an analyst’s findings can motivate the team to change call-to-actions. Or they may persuade the editor-in-chief to churn out extra e-books.

    Content creation roles

    Content demands the maximum manpower in content marketing. It takes a lot of effort (three times more than you expect) to craft each content material. In fact, in some cases, even more than that.

    That’s why you require a dedicated content marketing team to produce quality marketing material. Following are the roles you need:

    Managing Editor

    An executive editor supervises each piece of content, and controls the quantity and frequency of content publication. They ensure smooth functioning of the content vehicle.

    This includes skillfully handling the content schedule, managing writers, and producing a diverse range of content. Not only this. The managing editor also ensures the right execution of the content plan. They work as the link between content roadmap and content creation.

    Search engine optimization specialist

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical element of the entire content marketing process. It is critical to have a specialist in your content marketing team to analyze your site search performance. Besides that, this person will monitor growth, and promote and improve your content.

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    The job is strategic as it requires selecting the words or phrases that support your research. Besides, it is logical as it demands analyzing and trying out (continually) different extensions or add-ons.

    The SEO experts can be hired on a contractual basis, roped in to teach the crew, and answer certain queries. They can also be an internal team member.

    Subject matter expert

    The greatest gift you can offer your target audience is your knowledge or skills. In order to produce useful and trustworthy content, you require a reliable person (a subject matter expert) in your content marketing team.

    Fortunately, you can use various approaches to look for this person. You can get your subject matter expert in a particular circle, association, company, or via the internet. Not just that. They can also be available within your company, working in a different role.


    Despite how often you have heard it, the dearth of editing is still a big issue in content marketing. This problem holds true for industry experts as well. Employing a good editor rescues you from humiliating blunders and aids in improving overall content quality.

    Graphic designer(s)

    Graphic content must be included in your marketing material. You may require a diagram, chart, online books, in-depth reports, or material for social platforms. An effective design conveys your brand’s graphic message and ensures the content is simple to understand. Besides, it improves viewer satisfaction.


    With some fortune, you may get a combination of a subject matter specialist and a writer for your content marketing team. But, it is difficult to find someone who can perform both roles.

    An effective plot will lose its essence if not explained correctly. That’s why you should employ an efficient writer to convey your point your way.

    Remember: The ability to write words does not necessarily make one a writer. You require a person with the capability to create good and persuasive marketing content.

    Content distribution roles

    Quality content has no significance if it doesn’t have any views. Your promotion crew brings your content to your target market.

    Competent distribution professionals can allow you to increase your social media followers and email subscribers.

    Not just that. They can also assist in securing a spot in top newspapers and getting recognition via collaborations. These strategies help in building your brand and increasing sales.

    Distribution strategist

    To leave a lasting impression with your marketing material, you should show it to the relevant audience. That’s when a promotion strategist can help.

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    This person knows people in top publications or magazines and understands which marketing material will be approved by publishing houses. Not only this. They also establish a good equation with other businesses and create an effective plan for content collaborations (both free and sponsored).

    Email marketing specialist

    What could be more effective than an engaged audience in content marketing? Your email subscribers are your source of wealth. An email marketer fosters and develops this connection (with the audience) to boost lead generation and sales.

    They must employ proven strategies, catchy email headlines, split testing, strong call-to-actions, and whatever more is needed.

    Social media specialist

    There was a time when the title “social media guru” was popular in the industry. This phrase has begun to fade away, luckily. Yet, social media is constantly growing. The ideal content marketing team structure requires a person who can keep up with the times and lead the market.

    A social media specialist must be engaged in social norms (habits, values, behavior), and efficient methods. They should look for strategies to captivate your prospects (particularly via social advertising). Not just that. They should also create a roadmap for promotion and follow best practices on social networks.

    Frequently asked questions about content marketing teams

    Here are answers to some common questions related to content marketing teams.

    What does a content marketing team do?

    Content marketing executives bind each element of your content plan with a clear-cut content process. The components of the content strategy include writing, SEO, distribution, evaluation, and improvement. Employing a content marketing team may seem like a major expense. But you are unlikely to see a positive output otherwise.

    What makes up a content team?

    An ideal content marketing team requires multiple content writers, one managing editor, and a proofreader. It needs a junior web developer to release the content and handle technical glitches.

    Not just that. The team should have an SEO expert to find the right keywords (for your content) and track their progress on a routine basis. Last but not least, the right team structure requires a content supervisor to oversee the workflow.

    How do you manage a content marketing team?

    The ideal way is to appoint a specific role to handle the entire content production and promotion workflow. This includes:

    • Assign job titles
    • Generating topics
    • Preparing content schedule
    • Content drafting
    • Proofreading
    • Designing graphics
    • Influencer collaborations
    • Content promotion and distribution.

    Final thoughts on building a content marketing team

    An issue I always notice in the content marketing departments is employing people the traditional way. When you require a person to manage social media, you publicize for a social media coordinator. On similar lines, if you want someone to create content, you employ a writer.

    Yet, your assumption that you have all the people you need does not indicate that each essential duty is taken care of. On the other hand, having fewer people in your squad does not indicate that you can’t build a successful content marketing process.

    The best method to form a content marketing team is to adopt a comprehensive view and target job roles rather than designations.

    Unlike job designations, which are related to certain responsibilities, I see roles as specific expertise or special ability. Each individual can possess many of these talents.

    With the room and assistance to facilitate these skills, you can fill in several duties in your small crew. This method opens doors for innovative teamwork and creativity. This is because the team members seem less constrained by their specific job designations.

    Did we miss anything? Did you try these steps? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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