60 evergreen blog ideas to make money blogging in 2024

Looking to build a blog but don’t know what to write about?

Whether you’re an expert or just beginning your blogging journey, selecting the right blog ideas can be daunting.

Your blogging idea should have enough demand to attract a large audience and monetize them. So how can you find the right blogging topic?

I have done the work for you. In this post, you’ll get several blog topic ideas that are likely to succeed and help you build an online empire.

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    Best blog ideas

    Are you staring at a blank screen, trying to bring a blog into existence? You’re not alone! Here are the best creative ideas to jumpstart your content and keep your audience engaged.

    Health, wellness, and sports blogging ideas

    Feeling stuck for your next health blog? We’ve all been there. Whether you focus on fitness, mental wellness, or debunking myths, this list will spark inspiration to get you to start an informative and engaging blog for your readers.

    Athletic apparel

    Working out is much more exciting when you have proper clothing and accessories. Create a blog about choosing the best activewear for various fitness activities, sports, and hobbies.


    This idea is highly likely to turn your blog into a profitable business. Use your yoga expertise to write articles for a wide range of enthusiasts all over the world.


    Bodybuilding is another massively popular subject for a blog. You can cover exercise programs, lifestyle tips, and training advice for beginner or intermediate bodybuilders.


    Write about your journey and provide guidance to get a calm mind with the powerful effects of meditation. The more scenarios you can cover where meditation helps the mind and the body, the more engagement you will have.


    If you have good knowledge of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), share your best training programs and tips through a blog.

    Weight loss

    Weight-loss programs are a limitless source of inspiration for a new health blog. You can narrow down this subject even further to personalize content for your audience. For example, weight loss after pregnancy.


    Many people struggle with mindfulness and stopping to smell the roses. Your blog can bring a much-needed sense of calm to their chaotic and stressful world. Write about the applications of mindful living in people’s daily lives.


    Have you achieved some major health milestones through CrossFit training programs? Share your experiences and provide guidance on how others can do the same.


    We are often so busy taking care of our friends and family members that we neglect our own mental, physical, and other needs. But the secret to a happy life is to take time out for yourself on a regular basis. Build a blog that provides advice for readers to work on themselves.


    What should you look for in a bike before purchasing it? How should you maintain it to get the most value out of your cycling experience? Share the top biking trails in your area.

    Traditional medicine

    Unconventional medical treatments have gained massive traction over the years. From traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture to Ayurveda and home remedies, take your pick from a list of alternative solutions.

    Jogging, running, and marathons

    If you want a blogging idea with a massive pool of readers worldwide, running may be the answer you are looking for. Create a blog to share running techniques, marathon training, jogging gear, and so much more.


    Food is an important part of our lives and overall health. One of the best blogging ideas is an evergreen or trendy diet.

    Adventure sports

    Can’t get enough of base jumping, scuba diving, parachuting, or other such sports? Turn the adrenaline rush you get from these activities into a profitable hobby or travel blog.

    Nutrition and supplements

    Most people want to eat healthy. But they may not know how to make the right choices. Or how to make a change in their lifestyle. That’s where your blog can fill the gap.


    If you are a fan of nature and exploring trails, create a blog to share the joys of these activities. You can write about popular one-day hikes in your area, urban hiking, or trekking routes.

    Herbal remedies

    Use a health blog to educate your audience about herbal remedies for common ailments, such as hair loss, cough, and cold. Help them understand and reap the health benefits of what mother nature has in store for them.


    Share your pilates advice and experience with readers. You can start with fundamental principles like alignment and breathing. Then gradually progress to more complex exercises. Even better if you can offer modifications for various fitness levels and address individual needs.

    Mental health

    Start a blog to help people identify the root cause of mental ailments such as anxiety and depression. As long as you keep your advice to the point and do not go into the terrain of sharing medical advice that you’re not qualified to dish out, you should be good.

    Personal training

    This is one of the ultimate blog ideas. By sharing your best workout tips, schedules, routines, and meal plans, you’re likely to become a big brand online.

    Confidence and self-esteem

    Have you overcome self-esteem and confidence-related issues in your life? Guess what? Many people are struggling with those same issues. And your personal development journey can help and inspire them.

    Weight training

    Weight training is one of the most affordable and effective ways to stay fit. Cover your favorite lessons, exercise programs, and resources to make a significant difference in your audiences’ lives.

    Technology blog ideas

    Are you stuck in a tech topic rut? From mind-blowing AI advancements to the latest gadgets and cybersecurity woes, here is a treasure trove of engaging blogging ideas to keep your tech blog fresh, informative, and interesting for your audience.

    Web design

    The art of designing stunning and intuitive websites is constantly changing. If you love web design, you can build a blog to cover the latest trends and tools.

    Introduce design principles like layout, color, and typography, then delve into responsive design and user experience. Encourage creativity, problem-solving, and iterative learning through projects, feedback, and real-world examples.

    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) merges computer science with big datasets and facilitates decision-making. AI programs can determine optimal solutions to problems in a way that requires human intelligence. So you can start a blog to provide the latest AI resources and trends with the world.

    Virtual reality

    Virtual reality (VR) has applications in the world of entertainment. Many businesses have launched VR headsets people use to watch movies and play games.

    Your blog can be a source of VR fundamentals: hardware, software, and interaction design. It also gives you the opportunity to engage learners with hands-on experiences using VR headsets and development tools. You can also explore VR applications across industries, from gaming to healthcare.


    The iPhone is arguably the most famous gadget globally. Blogging about iPhones involves covering their features, functionality, and ecosystem comprehensively.

    You can talk about features like Siri, AR capabilities, and security measures. Plus, encourage exploration through hands-on practice, troubleshooting, and staying updated with Apple’s latest innovations and updates.

    Apple, Microsoft, Windows…

    If you’re an Apple, Microsoft, or Windows loyalist, blog about it. You can share commentary on what’s happening inside the company, the products they are launching, and how the company’s performing.

    Raspberry Pi

    Blogging about Raspberry Pi involves understanding its versatility as a credit card-sized computer. People worldwide are using Raspberry Pi to learn coding, build hardware, and automate their homes. You can explore projects ranging from home automation to robotics, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

    Tech gadgets

    Do you know about the latest gadgets and the tips and tricks associated with them? You can blog about common gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers.

    Explore their functionalities, connectivity options, and potential impact on daily life. Encourage hands-on exploration, comparison shopping, and staying informed about emerging trends and innovations.


    Computer programming is a hugely popular topic. But learning to code from scratch is daunting. So you can share your resources and tips to help beginners build a promising career in the tech space.

    UX/UI design

    People’s attention spans are getting shorter day by day. Consequently, apps and websites need to be simpler and more intuitive than ever. Through a blog, you can introduce wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing methodologies.

    To make your blog successful, emphasize real-world projects, critique sessions, and staying updated with industry trends and evolving user behaviors.

    Machine learning

    This subset of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) is based on the use of algorithms and data to copy the way people think and learn. If this technology is up your alley, you can blog about your journey and resources.


    The interest in cybersecurity is not going away anytime soon. That’s because both people and companies want to stay protected on the internet. So use a blog to share useful tips and other helpful articles.


    Android continues to be the most popular smartphone operating system all around the world. It has billions of users worldwide, and many of those read blogs that help them make the most out of their favorite technology.

    Smart devices

    Smart technology makes life simple and convenient. Blogging about smart devices involves exploring their interconnectedness and functionality. You can help readers understand IoT concepts, ecosystems, and communication protocols. Plus, delve into specific categories like smart home, wearables, and connected appliances.

    Entertainment blog ideas

    Drowning in streaming services and can’t decide what to watch next? Feeling overwhelmed by pop culture news? You’re not alone. Millions of people are in the same boat. And you can capture them with these captivating entertainment blog ideas.


    Many people are fascinated by what happens behind the scenes when making a film or TV show. Start a blog that covers storytelling fundamentals, cinematography techniques, and editing basics. You can also explore pre-production planning, production processes, and post-production workflows.

    Stand-up comedy

    Blogging about stand-up comedy involves dissecting humor’s anatomy and stagecraft. Your blog can educate people on joke writing, timing, and delivery fundamentals. You can also explore comedic styles, persona development, and audience interaction techniques.


    What’s more popular than movies? Launch a blog with movie reviews, recommendations, and collections of movies in different categories.

    TV shows

    While movies are extremely popular, TV is not far behind. This is especially true in the current era of streaming services. So start a blog to rate, recommend, and review TV series.

    Ballet, theatre, and opera

    Introduce the special pieces in your area. Review the different old and recent pieces for your audience to enjoy.

    Business and finance blogging ideas

    Whether someone is a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting their financial journey, the right guidance is key. Here I unlock a vault of business and finance blogging ideas, from practical budgeting tips to emerging investment trends, to keep your readers informed and inspired.


    Growing your money through investing has been one of the top blog ideas for many years. Blogging about investing requires demystifying financial markets and strategies.

    Write on fundamentals: asset classes, risk, and return. Cover investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, emphasizing diversification and long-term goals.

    Insurances and savings

    Are you an expert on finding the right insurance and saving money? Starting an insurance advice blog involves demystifying risk management and financial protection.

    You can help readers understand different insurance types, coverage options, and policy terms. And explore risk assessment, underwriting processes, and claims handling.

    Family budget management

    Making ends meet can be hard for a large family. Write about strategies to save money in daily routine stuff like groceries, clothing, transportation, and hobbies.

    Your blog can help readers get financial literacy and practical skills. Cover blog topics like income, expenses, and financial goals. Also, explore budgeting techniques, expense tracking, and debt management strategies.

    Stocks and indices

    If you have a blend of financial expertise and effective communication, you can blog about stocks and indices. Research market trends, analyze companies, and understand economic indicators.

    Provide insights on investment strategies, risk management, and portfolio diversification. Offer actionable advice, market commentary, and educational content to empower readers in navigating the complex world of finance.

    Personal finance

    Frugal living and personal finance have always been hot topics. Everyone wants to have full control over their money. And your blog can help people manage their finances.

    Blog about budgeting strategies, savvy shopping techniques, and DIY hacks. Explore topics like minimalism, meal planning, and mindful consumption.

    To make sure your blog stands out from the competition, inspire readers with personal anecdotes, success stories, and community engagement to foster a frugal lifestyle.

    Financial independence

    Provide your best tips for achieving financial freedom through planning, saving, and investing money. Start by demystifying personal finance concepts like budgeting, saving, and investing. The idea is to cultivate a community focused on financial literacy, accountability, and long-term prosperity.

    Retirement and pension savings

    There is no shortage of people who are aging and coming close to retirement in their lives. And the last thing they would want is to depend on someone else for their needs and feel like they’re losing control of their lives. So you launch a blog to help them begin with wise investments sooner than later.

    Home and family blog ideas

    Juggling work, family, and creating a haven called home? We feel you! Here are some great blog ideas to fuel your home and family blog. Discover creative content, from budget-friendly DIY projects to navigating family travel, to inspire warmth, laughter, and connection in your own unique world.


    Childcare is not as simple as it used to be. Every parent wants to do the best for their kids. But they might not know how. You can help people solve their parenting problems with the right advice on your blog.

    Family hobbies

    Family is all about capturing shared experiences and fostering connections. Use your blog to share common interests and plan activities suitable for all ages.

    Document adventures, DIY projects, and learning moments. Share tips, resources, and reflections to inspire other families. Cultivate a sense of togetherness, creativity, and lifelong learning through hobby exploration.


    Have a green thumb and a way with words? Start a gardening blog to share practical tips, plant care guides, and seasonal advice. Dive into topics like urban gardening, sustainable practices, and DIY projects. Engage readers with personal anecdotes, beautiful photos, and a passion for cultivating green spaces.

    Bullying/abuse in school

    What’s the best way to help the kids being bullied? What signs to look for to identify your children are getting bullied? And how to stop the torture?

    All these questions and more can be addressed with a blog. Blogging about school bullying necessitates raising awareness and fostering empathy.

    Research the complexities of bullying: its causes, effects, and prevention strategies. Share personal anecdotes, expert insights, and resources for support.

    Sustainable homes

    Blog about the ways to convert a regular house into a green, eco-friendly home.

    With your sustainability expertise and home design insights, you can write about green building principles, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly materials.

    Explore topics like passive design, renewable energy integration, and water conservation methods.


    New parents have hundreds of minor and major questions during and after pregnancy. In your blog, discuss pregnancy stages, health tips, and emotional well-being.

    Cover topics like nutrition, exercise, and prenatal care. Encourage open dialogue, inclusivity, and empowerment throughout the journey to parenthood.

    Family holidays

    The more members in a family, the harder it is to find a holiday location that will suit everyone. And to plan the whole trip and its budget.
    So that’s what you can blog about. Offer destination guides, packing lists, and budgeting advice. Incorporate photos and videos to enhance engagement.

    Saving money

    What are the things that parents can do with their for cheap? How can families save money? Start a blog with budgeting basics, saving strategies, and debt management tips. Offer insights on frugal living, investing, and financial planning for major life events.


    Traditional education is becoming more expensive and less effective. So homeschooling has garnered a lot of public interest over the years. How does homeschooling work? Who should and should not do it? Where do you begin? Create a blog to answer these questions and help your audience.


    Navigating the world of schools, courses, and classes is a big challenge for families. From writing the perfect application to financing a degree, your blog can help people understand the complexities of public education and handle them successfully.

    Career blog ideas

    Feeling lost in the career maze? From landing your dream job to navigating office politics and the ever-changing work landscape, here’s a toolbox of career blogging ideas to empower you. Get ready to write about personal growth, valuable skills, and strategies to take control of your professional journey.

    Career advice

    What’s the best career for you? How can you find out? Blogging about career path advice necessitates understanding diverse industries and job markets.

    Start by offering insights into resume writing, job search strategies, and interview tips. Explore professional development, networking, and skill-building opportunities.

    Provide real-life success stories, industry trends, and actionable advice to empower readers in navigating their career journeys effectively.

    Job hunting portals

    Guiding readers through the maze of online employment platforms. Offer insights on optimizing profiles, crafting compelling resumes, and leveraging networking tools. Explore niche sites, job search strategies, and interview preparation tips.

    Excel at work

    Help your audience understand workplace dynamics, communication skills, and goal setting. Offer advice on time management, productivity hacks, and career advancement.

    Emphasize self-awareness, adaptability, and fostering positive relationships to thrive professionally and achieve personal fulfillment in the workplace.

    Job pitching

    What does it take to get a dream job? Start with resume writing, cover letter strategies, and interview preparation. Offer guidance on networking, personal branding, and online presence optimization.

    Summing up: best blog ideas

    As you can see, there’s no shortage of useful ideas for starting a profitable blog. In fact, you can make money from any blog topic with a large enough audience.

    Just ensure that you pick a blog niche that has the potential to capture a lot of traffic. From there, all you need is to stay motivated to keep writing for years and build a following.

    The more you churn out content that your market wants to consume, the more likely you are to succeed.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these ideas? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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