95% more conversions and 36% growth in organic traffic/quarter for Piktochart (case study)

Piktochart is a SaaS company offering online graphic design solutions to easily create infographics, presentations, and prints.

As a leading provider of graphic design and video editing tools, the company continuously raises the bar for visual content creation.

The challenge

To meet their ambitious marketing objectives, Piktochart needed content and SEO support for its in-house team.

The company wanted to scale its content creation efforts to improve SEO for the Piktochart blog and create awareness for their newly launched video creation tool, Piktochart Video.

They needed a partner who would understand their business, and quickly develop product-led content targeted to their audiences. Not having enough copywriters in-house, they hired HypeGig to:

  • Develop high-quality and SEO-optimized content for the Piktochart blog.
  • Build backlinks and directory profiles for Piktochart Video.

The goal was to grow traffic and conversions from the blog.

Our solution

HypeGig helped Piktochart produce more content, faster. The in-house team provided content outlines, and HypeGig developed high-quality blog content for them.

Throughout the engagement, the workflow was effective, and we always handed over all the content in time, often even ahead of the deadline.

Plus, our detailed research for each content piece ensured that the final outcome was of high quality.

Piktochart also appreciated that they didn’t have to make many changes to the final content. Overall, the project helped Piktochart:

  • Grow and improve their brand awareness
  • Better align their content to the customer journey and customer needs and pains
  • Develop a strategic content process and more streamlined content production

The results

Thanks to a constant stream of new, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content, the client’s blog has successfully grown. The majority of content we produced has been ranking on page one of Google search results for highly competitive target keywords.

Piktochart’s keyword performance table.

Even for other keywords, the rankings are constantly improving. And they’ll go even higher in the coming months.

Piktochart’s keyword position flow.

The ranking boost has also resulted in significantly more organic traffic, with more than 2500% improvement in the number of visitors from keywords targeted in the project.

Growth in Piktochart’s website visits.

In the words of Piktochart, organic traffic increased by 36% quarter by quarter, and conversions improved by 95%.


If you don’t have the time or resources to populate your website with quality content, you’re going to have trouble succeeding as an online business. With HypeGig, Piktochart has been able to overcome many of the content marketing challenges they faced. And you can do the same.

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