What to post on social media: 35 engaging content ideas for 2024

It is easy to create social media accounts for your brand and start with a bang. But not as easy to keep up with writing social media content.

After a while, you’re likely to get hung up often when thinking, “Okay, what should I post today?”

Social media is not going to work for your brand without a concrete strategy and solid content. And your ability to generate and be prepared with social media copywriting ideas in advance can make all the difference.

So in this post, I will discuss social media content writing ideas that will not only grab the people’s attention but also engage them to share and comment.

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    Highlight a best practice/tip

    If you have expertise in your niche, you surely know a few tricks that can help the uninitiated. So recognize and explain those best practices in your social media marketing content. Here’s an example from the digital marketing industry:

    Share a great lesson or take away you have learned from years of experience in the field. It’s a great way to win your audience’s respect and gratitude.

    Share/record a video

    Videos are taking the world by storm. It’s a passive way to consume social media content which doesn’t require as much effort as reading.

    You can create your own, or find some must-watch videos in your niche to share with your audience.

    Share trending news

    People love to read viral content. According to a report published by CNN, 62% of adults in the United States receive news from social media.

    If you haven’t tried the news on social media yet, try it. I believe you should get a good result.

    Post a meme

    Simply put, a Meme is an image which highlights a common phenomenon in a humorous way.

    Memes are widely used content on social media these days. And they are popular because they are funny and quick to consume.

    Define an industry term

    There are plenty of terms and jargon in every industry that a newbie or outsider won’t understand. So when it comes to social media copywriting, defining a frequently-used niche term can help your audience.

    If you’re in the internet marketing niche, for instance, you could explain a term like ppc, conversion rate, backlink, Facebook Pixel, etc.

    Basics on getting started

    Write an introduction or basic guide for beginners to get started on a concept in your niche. Entry point social media marketing content is great for engaging your audience at an early stage and to get them hooked to your content.

    Best books to read

    Every niche has those must-read books that can help your audience with new perspectives. Point out the great material to read in your industry.

    You can create a list of favorites or recommend one or two books from time to time in your social media content.

    Recommend a course

    Online courses are in huge demand these days, and constantly growing. So satisfy your knowledge-hungry prospects by recommending the best courses they should take to learn more about your niche.

    Since there are a lot of courses to choose from, your expert recommendation will help them avoid the bad ones and find the courses worth their money.

    Intermediate/advanced guide

    Beginners’ guides are great but advanced guides show your audience that you really are a knowledgeable authority in your niche.

    This type of social media marketing content is also harder to find, and can spark discussions with other knowledgeable folks in your niche.

    Cover a case study/success story

    What’s even better than learning from your own experience and mistakes? Learning from someone else’s.

    So show your audience how you went about meeting a goal, what were the results and lessons learned from the experiment. Or share a success story of goals achieved by a client or customer by using your product.

    Launch a contest/giveaway

    People are likely to be more interested in contests especially if you are offering great prizes. Brands often run contests on festivals or any occasion.

    You might have seen some sessional contests like play Christmas quiz to win a cash prize or 7 days holiday nights to stay in a hotel, Play a quiz and grab the deal of 50% off on winter sessional sale, etc.

    Your experience with a product/service

    In any industry, people are always looking for products and services which can make their life easy. And they want someone experienced to show them which products are the best and which to avoid wasting money on.

    So help them make an informed decision about a product or service by sharing your review or comments.

    Compare similar products/services

    Just like reviews, comparisons help your audience learn about which products/services are right for them. As such, they could be an essential part of social media content writing.

    You can either post a short comparison, or write and share a detailed blog post.

    How to buy a product/hire a service

    Instead of giving your review or comparison of products or services, teach your audience about evaluating them on their own.

    What are the main factors to consider when they are out in the market for a certain type of product or service? How to interview candidates when hiring someone from your niche? Help them make the right call.

    Recommend a trusted tool/vendor

    It’s hard to find good people and products in any niche. Make it easy for your audience by sharing your favorites.

    By doing this, you will also be helping the vendors get more exposure and grow their business, and they’ll likely want to return the favor.

    Give away your strategy

    Write an in-depth guide on how to plan and execute that plan to achieve success in your niche. This is evergreen content that newbies will always find valuable.

    For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, you could write a detailed guide on becoming and staying fit. Then regularly post this content on social media.

    Common mistakes/myths

    This is another popular type of content which can be shared again and again. Beginners and professionals in your niche will like to avoid common errors or false assumptions from the get go.

    Regardless of whether your niche is health, finance or fishing- this type of social media copywriting is bound to yield good results.

    Post a quote

    Like viral content, quotes are appreciated on social media. Make sure to use powerful quotes which are unique and compelling.

    In fact, create a file to collect interesting quotes that match your profession or define your business. This way you’ll be able to share them easily from time to time.

    Shout out to influencers

    Who are other people, blogs or brands worth following in your niche? Recommend other content or accounts to your audience.

    This kills two birds with one stone. Not only do you help your audience, but also closer to build a relationship with your industry peers.

    Update on industry events

    Every industry has quarterly or annual events, conferences and meetups when people come together and exchange ideas.

    Make a list of what those are in your niche and update your audience on the events coming near. You can also share takeaways from events that you hosted or attended.

    Troubleshoot a problem

    Another great idea when writing content for social media. Take a common problem faced by people in your niche and show them how to solve it. Walk them through a common workaround or alternative options.

    Post a tutorial/guide

    Simplify complicated concepts, products or processes in your industry by creating easy to follow tutorials. This type of content is always in demand as people begin getting familiar with your niche.

    Answer a frequently asked question

    Look into your comments or ask your sales team about the questions many prospects ask in relation with your field.

    If you still don’t have data on what type of questions you should be answering, check QA websites like Reddit or Quora, or invite readers to ask their questions.

    Answering a question posed by a reader is great for engagement because it’s personalized social media marketing content.

    Give away a checklist or template

    Checklists and templates are vital for good efficiency and organization. It gives your audience confidence and a sense of preparedness as they embark on following your advice.

    This type of social media copywriting can be prepared for any niche. Examples include a travel checklist, event planning, content calendar template and more.

    Highlight a benefit of your product/service

    Sometimes it is okay to be promotional and put the focus on your business, but only in a way that shows your audience what’s in it for them.

    So cover a feature and associated benefit that your product provides. Even better if you can show how someone used that feature to achieve a better outcome.

    Product/service updates

    No product or service stays the same. It’s always changing and upgrading. Share these updates with your prospects to keep them in the loop.

    Explaining why the change was made and how it benefits your audience is also part of social media content writing. Illustrate with a short demo too if required.

    Go behind the scenes

    Give your audience a sneak peek behind the curtains of your business. Showcase your culture, mission, and motivations.

    Take them through why you started your business or built your products. Introduce a team member. Walk them through your office. All these things help your business seem more warm and authentic.

    Show gratitude for your wins

    Have you recently achieved a big milestone? Like maybe you crossed 1000 customers, got featured in the press or won an award.

    Share this success with your audience and thank them for their continued support when writing content for social media. This could not have been possible without them.

    Conduct a poll/survey

    Polling your prospects is an excellent idea, as it gives you better insights into the needs and behaviors of your audience. Moreover, it also increases engagement because you can also share these results on social media.

    A survey also shows that you care about listening to and understanding your prospects. And that you’re willing to improve and evolve to meet their needs.

    Client testimonial/customer review

    If you haven’t been collecting reviews from customers, you’re making a big mistake. Social proof makes a big difference when prospects are researching and comparing your offerings with those of competitors.

    So make sure to encourage customers to write reviews and then showcase those reviews in your social media marketing content.

    Help discover cool freebies

    Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you know of any tools, templates or other resources in your industry which are free, point them out to your social media audience.

    Free resources engage your prospects and make them stick around longer. By helping your audience save money, you’re doing them a big favor.

    Thoughts/opinion on a subject

    It’s interesting to read unique perspectives on an ongoing issue, especially from people and brands with expertise and experience. Since they know what they’re talking about.

    If you have a unique, even controversial, opinion on a topic, create a short social media content, or even a detailed blog post to share with your audience.

    Your failures/regrets

    No person or brand is perfect. We’re only human. When you share a mistake or regret that you have, you make yourself vulnerable.

    You’re telling your audience that you trust them with this information and are willing to build a relationship with them. Plus, you’re saving them from making the same mistakes that you made. It’s social media copywriting at its best.

    Interview an expert

    Interviewing influencers in your industry is another source of great social media content writing. You can record it as a podcast, video or blog posts. Then post on social media.

    Interviewing others in your niche has several benefits. You learn new ways to improve your business, your audience learns new perspectives, and you get to know and build a relationship with a potential brand advocate.

    Post an infographic

    This is another form of engaging and easy to consume social media content. Visuals are easy on the eyes . It’s also a breeze to grasp and process information when presented in visual form.

    As a result, they are preferred over long posts made up of text. Infographics are also more likely to be shared and they do really well on Pinterest.


    Every industry has trends that change and evolve, but as this post shows, there are always a ton of evergreen social media content writing ideas that never go out of fashion.

    So when it comes to writing social media content that will resonate with your audience, focus on entertaining, inspiring and informing your prospects. The focus itself will guide you on what to post and when.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these tips? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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