How we helped a WordPress software company get on page 1 of search engine result pages

Did you know that more than 50% of all traffic generated online comes from organic search? This means you can’t afford to not appear in search results for queries relevant to your business. After all, ranking on Page 1 for the right keywords has a direct impact on sales.

However, there are hundreds of websites competing for the coveted first-page spots. And it takes an array of strategic and creative skills to beat them.

Case in point: a B2B software company creating WordPress themes and plugins that help other companies scale their customer support operations.

The company started working with us in September, with a simple goal: Use blogging and SEO to its website listed in relevant search engine result pages (SERPs). Equipped with the top 1% of industry talent, proprietary SEO content briefs, and just four months, we helped the client rank on Page 1 for 11 of its target keywords, and improved the SERP ranking for many others.

Overall, our efforts led to a SERP performance improvement of 126% at the time of writing this case study, and it’s only going up from here. Here’s how we did it.

The challenge: use content writing to boost organic traffic

Before Smemark came into the picture, the client team wrote all blog content in-house. This strained the company’s marketing team.

Not just that. It left gaps in its SEO strategy, particularly when it came to content optimization to ensure the website actually ranks for target keywords.

Rather than hiring a full-time writer, editor, and content strategist, working with HypeGig allowed the client team to access expert skills in all the areas they need without any overhead.

Our process: end-to-end research, writing, and optimization

Advanced keyword and “intent” research: The goal here was to identify strategic target terms for the client, along with understanding the “intent” to come up with an angle that has the highest potential to rank.

SEO content briefs: We created data-guided guidelines and specifications for how to rank for particular keywords. Writers used this information, which included subtopics and key phrases, to craft content in a way that is has a high chance of ranking on Page 1.

Blog post writing: In total, we used SEO content briefs to write, optimize, and publish seven blog posts.

The outcome: page 1 results and more organic benefits

Of the seven articles we wrote, five have already made it to page one for SERPs for their main keywords, in addition to ranking for related keywords.

The other two blog posts are on the way to getting there since they have not been online long enough to settle into their position. (It takes 100 days on average for a page to “mature” into its position on search.)

Moreover, the company saw a huge increase in site and blog sessions. It increased its organic traffic via the chosen keywords by 286% over the 120-day period.

The result: more traffic and more leads. As more of our content gets published, even more gains will be noted in the future.

“Smemark has been a breeze to work with,” says the client. “We have never had any delay in communication and they always come to meetings prepared with great insights and blog post topics. Their team also handles all the aspects of keyword selection, brief preparation, and optimization. Having this kind of expertise has been a big help.”

Your turn

When people look for information and products that can solve their problems, a search engine is often the first place they go to. So with a combination of a solid SEO strategy and blog content, you can ensure that they find you, and not your competitors, on Page 1. And we’re here to help.

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