12 best BuzzSumo alternatives and competitors in 2024

BuzzSumo is undoubtedly one of the top content marketing tools online. You can use it to identify trending, top-performing, and latest pieces of content and topics, along with influencers who share and link to them.

This information is highly valuable when it comes to creating and updating your company’s content strategy.

The problem, though, is that BuzzSumo is pretty costly for small businesses or solo bloggers. Its pricing plans begin from $99 per month.

Even if you can pay that kind of money, there may be some BuzzSumo alternatives that give you more features for the same price.

And you’d certainly want to get more bang for your buck, right? So let’s take a look at the key competitors with features similar to BuzzSumo.

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    Quick summary: which BuzzSumo alternatives are best for you?

    • Are you part of a small business? Then check out Google Trends, ContentStudio, and Mention.
    • Working for a large enterprise? Consider Semrush, SimilarWeb, NinjaOutreach, Hootsuite, and Ahrefs.
    • Focused on content research and discovery? Look at ContentStudio, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Trends, and DrumUp.
    • Need the best analytics data? Check out ContentStudio, SimilarWeb, Semrush, Google Trends, and SimilarWeb.

    What to look for in BuzzSumo alternatives?

    Here’s how you can pick the best BuzzSumo alternatives. You can choose them based on:

    User-friendliness and intuitiveness

    One of the crucial aspects to consider when choosing the best BuzzSumo alternatives is user experience. You should select a platform with a user-friendly interface, easy-to-understand data presentation, and clear navigation.

    Content research and discovery

    Since content research and discovery are BuzzSumo’s core strengths, you should pick an alternative with a large keyword and content database, robust content research capabilities, and relevant recommendations.

    Features overlap

    Besides content discovery, make sure to examine all the functionalities you get with a given alternative. The best BuzzSumo alternative would be the one offering the most similar set of core features like media library, content calendar, data export, competitor analysis, and social media publishing.

    Strong data analysis

    The BuzzSumo competitor you pick should have powerful data analysis and reporting features. Look for capabilities such as sentiment analysis, engagement data, trend identification, and audience insights. The insights that you gain from the platform should be practical and actionable.

    User ratings and reviews

    If you have conducted your due diligence, you may have already checked popular software review websites such as G2 and Capterra. But besides the established review and rating portals, it wouldn’t hurt to check other sources like online forums, social media posts, and blog posts.

    Packages offered and their costs

    Most importantly, analyze the value for money you are getting with your chosen BuzzSumo alternatives. The list below goes through a series of free and premium tools, where the cost varies based on usage frequency and feature set. So you can choose BuzzSumo competitors that match your needs and budget.

    Top tools similar to BuzzSumo

    Choosing the best BuzzSumo substitutes involves thorough research and analysis. But the good news is that I have done the hard work for you. In doing so, I have narrowed down my list to the best BuzzSumo alternatives with superior performance and features. Let’s take a look at them.


    Content creation works only when you ensure top-notch quality and adequate quantity. Hootsuite can help with both.

    It is a social media management solution that you can use to share high-quality content efficiently. The platform facilitates content discovery, content research, and the development of branded content.

    Hootsuite as a BuzzSumo alternative

    So how does it do that? There’s a feature called composer. It lets you conduct content research and develop engaging content in a short time.

    Plus, you get a Bulk Composer option through which you can establish a robust social media presence by scheduling all content in advance. Besides that, you have the ability to analyze and track your ongoing performance to refine your future strategy.

    Key benefits

    • Consistent feedback from staff members due to seamless collaboration
    • Easy-to-use media library and video publishing
    • Customized publishing guidelines to boost engagement
    • Dashboard stream development to collect and share high-quality content
    • Automation of screening and analysis with Proofpoint integration


    • Quick research and discovery of trends
    • Easy to schedule and post updates
    • Seamless team collaboration features


    • Free plan has limited scheduling capabilities


    Ahrefs is known as one of the top alternatives to BuzzSumo that go beyond the content ideation workflow. In fact, it consists of one of the most thorough and high-speed backlink crawlers. So far, this crawler has indexed more than 12 trillion links!

    Ahrefs as a BuzzSumo substitute

    BuzzSumo is great for viewing the most trending and linked content, while Ahrefs lets you examine the pages with the highest traffic, backlinks, and more.

    Besides exclusive capabilities such as content research and discovery, Ahrefs has a lot more features up its sleeve. And these features make it a worthy alternative to BuzzSumo.

    Key benefits

    • Find broken links fast
    • Rank tracking
    • Refined search data with advanced filters
    • Deep research into each piece of content
    • Get a laydown of your competitors’ strategies


    • Vast database of backlinks and keywords
    • Easy-to-use keyword research
    • Powerful competitive analysis


    • Content optimization capability is limited


    DrumUp is a strong BuzzSumo alternative with a neat, intuitive UI to manage your social media branding. With this tool, you can schedule content automatically and boost social media engagement. It also offers appropriate suggestions according to what has been shared in the past by other brands and people.

    Not just that. DrumUp seamlessly integrates with most of the main advertising platforms. As a result, it helps you understand what resonates the most with your customers and capture qualified leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Key benefits

    • Fresh content recommendations on a regular basis
    • Repeat scheduled posts automatically
    • Consists of a content library, with a GIF and emoji library
    • The auto-post setting allows direct connection between your website and social media platforms


    • Reduces the time spent on content management and curation
    • Suggests top-notch content
    • Makes it easy to update posts
    • Team collaboration features
    • Comes with a free plan


    • Can generate irrelevant keywords and content
    • Requires users to have a good grasp of social media marketing


    NinjaOutreach makes it easy to identify influencers and other people to reach out for your next campaign.

    Ninja Outreach as a BuzzSumo competitor

    With a huge number of people sharing content online, it can be daunting to find real influencers who are trusted and followed by your target customers.

    If you try to do this manually, you’ll find yourself sifting through thousands of profiles and wasting valuable time.

    But not with this BuzzSumo alternative. NinjaOutreach is a robust solution that makes it easy to search business accounts and influencers quickly based on the keyword you enter.

    Key benefits

    • Supports large-scale influencer outreach
    • Complete backlink building toolset
    • Consists of influencer CRM
    • Automated email outreach campaigns with detailed analytics


    • Organizes and streamlines communication with influencers
    • Locates top influencers in minutes


    • Doesn’t support integration with all the social media channels
    • The extensive set of features can get overwhelming for novices


    Mention is a BuzzSumo competitor that provides information about the content and social media updates being posted about your company online.

    This data comes in handy when you’re planning content for your future campaigns. Plus, it helps you engage customers and grow your audience.

    Mention as one of the BuzzSumo alternatives

    With Mention, you can build a relationship with your customers across many social media networks. You can also post updates from multiple channels, saving precious time that you’d spent juggling among them.

    Key benefits

    • Robust social media analytics
    • Customizable and correct alerts
    • Keyword targeting and custom reports
    • Content distribution to social media communities


    • Monitors more than 1 billion sources
    • Powerful performance analytics
    • Track all brand mentions from a single platform
    • User-friendly interface


    • Data can sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete
    • Cheaper pricing plans offer less value for money
    • Pricing is on the expensive side


    Are you operating multiple websites? Then you should check out Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a BuzzSumo substitute that lets you manage several websites from one place. You can monitor alerts and changes across different web properties.

    Ubersuggest as one of the BuzzSumo substitutes

    Its project database dashboard lets you organize data depending on the websites you are responsible for. With the individual package, you can add 1-3 websites, while the business package lets you manage 4-7 websites.

    Key benefits

    • Domain overview lets you analyze competitors
    • Backlink analysis data to monitor links and find link-building opportunities
    • Generate content topics with a high chance of performing well
    • Hundreds of keyword suggestions
    • Website analysis data to quickly check and fix issues


    • Pricing is affordable
    • Enter multiple keywords at once
    • Helpful competitive analysis features


    • Limited keyword ideas
    • Basic website audit reports

    Social Animal

    Social Animal is perhaps the closest to BuzzSumo in terms of features, even though its database is not as large. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, Social Animal helps you develop top-performing content and improve your content marketing strategy.

    Social Animal as one of the BuzzSumo competitors

    With Social Animal, you can see how your content marketing performs against your competitors. This information goes a long way in gathering fruitful insights for your future plans.

    Besides that, Social Animal consists of in-depth keyword insights, robust influencer research, and content curation capabilities. All in all, it’s a complete toolset that can handle most of your content marketing requirements.

    Key benefits

    • Competitive content analysis
    • In-depth keyword research
    • AI-driven content marketing
    • Robust analysis tools
    • Social media management capabilities


    • Makes content curation easy
    • Set up alerts for important metrics
    • Affordable pricing plans
    • Presents clear and properly organized data
    • Great customer service


    • Can be glitchy sometimes, like not showing any data for keywords
    • Limited keyword insights


    ContentStudio is a powerful alternative to BuzzSumo that can optimize your social media marketing and content creation workflow.

    Content Studio to streamline content

    It provides several features, such as automatic analytics, content insights, a unified social inbox, and AI-powered captions. Other than that, its discovery feature regularly recommends trending topics based on your chosen criteria.

    Using ContentStudio, you can schedule a whole month of content in just a few hours, increasing your team’s efficiency.

    Key benefits

    • Content calendar to plan content and coordinate with your team
    • Publish directly to Instagram
    • Multi-channel content composer with automatic SEO
    • Measure analytics and monitor KPIs across several channels
    • Auto-sync creative files and keep them in a single place


    • Easy publishing with AI-generated social posts
    • Get all your assets in a single place
    • Affordable cost


    • The Pro plan doesn’t allow collaboration with team members


    As one of the most popular BuzzSumo alternatives, Semrush lets you identify the best keywords for your content.

    Semrush to build online presence

    Semrush is a massive product with more than 50 tools to get search engine and market data for 100+ countries. So there‘s no doubt that you’ll find it highly valuable in your efforts to reach more customers.

    With this single platform, you can also view and compare the top content marketing strategies of your competitors.

    Key benefits

    • Analyze competitor keywords
    • Daily search engine rank tracking
    • Tools for content marketing and social media management
    • Data to boost your paid search campaigns
    • Page scoring based on SEO best practices
    • Helps with content creation and promotion


    • Integration with major CMS solutions like WordPress
    • Powerful keyword research
    • Comes with a free trial offer


    • Charges a hefty amount
    • Substantial learning curve for beginners


    If you want to feed customized according to your favorite topics and websites, use Feedly as your BuzzSumo alternative. This RSS feed reader can be used for content discovery and research. Using Feedly, you can read and filter engaging topics.

    Feedly customizes feeds

    Similar to several alternatives to BuzzSumo, Feedly can handle your social media management, and monitor your brand mentions and hashtag success.

    Key benefits

    • Granular filters to find your preferred data
    • Gets you trending content in your space
    • Share important niche insights with your team
    • Comes with an AI assistant


    • Easy to arrange by multiple categories
    • Customized feed
    • Integrated AI research assistant


    • Doesn’t support outreach features

    Google Trends

    Google Trends stands near the top of BuzzSumo alternatives. And it deserves this position. With Google Trends, you can view a collection of graphs that indicate search interest for a given term over time, or as a reaction to specific events, topics, and questions.

    Google Trends is like BuzzSumo

    If the search volume for any topic shows a drastic increase or dip, Google Trends has the ability to capture and present this data. This makes it a valuable content research solution.

    Key benefits

    • Compare multiple search terms
    • Compare keywords by location and time
    • Displays interest in a topic using visual maps


    • Free to use
    • Clear guidance on what’s trending
    • Doesn’t require any setup or configuration


    • Data is sometimes inaccurate or not enough


    SimilarWeb is a top traffic research tool. You can use it to analyze traffic data for your own website or competitor websites.

    For example, you can view your competitors’ sources of traffic and understand whether you should invest more in the same channels.

    SimilarWeb is similar to BuzzSumo

    With this information at your disposal, you can increase targeted traffic to your website. Apart from monitoring your competitors, you can use SimilarWeb to identifie prospects and predict their worth to your business.

    Key benefits

    • Provides SERP analysis
    • Tools for keyword research and tracking
    • Audience data analysis
    • Generate keywords for YouTube
    • Analyze traffic on competitor websites


    • Offers valuable insights on how other websites perform
    • Provides objective, clear, and readable metrics
    • Data is up-to-date and mostly accurate
    • Explore audience trends and fresh opportunities


    • Limited data categories
    • Data can be inaccurate for relatively new and less popular websites


    If you need BuzzSumo alternatives to research and post relevant content for your users, consider Scoop.it.

    Scoop it for content curation

    Being one of the BuzzSumo alternatives with no cost, Scoop.it helps you build a strong brand with top-notch content curation.

    It provides tools for content discovery, organization, and distribution, helping users stay informed and engaged with topics that matter to them.

    Key benefits

    • Allows multi-channel promotions
    • Supports content management
    • Comes with third-party API integrations
    • Offers engagement tracking features


    • Excellent content discovery
    • Personalized content hubs


    • Limited free version
    • Can be hard to use in the beginning

    Bottom line: selecting the best BuzzSumo alternative

    BuzzSumo has long been a favored tool for content research and social media analysis. But the landscape of digital marketing tools is constantly evolving, offering a multitude of alternatives.

    Whether it’s due to pricing concerns, specific feature requirements, or simply a desire for a fresh perspective, exploring alternatives to BuzzSumo can provide you with new insights and opportunities.

    From platforms emphasizing influencer marketing to those focusing on comprehensive content analytics, there are options available to suit various needs and preferences.

    So consider the diverse array of alternatives, and use them to enhance your strategies, refine your content creation processes, and ultimately achieve greater success in navigating the dynamic digital ecosystem.

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