778% improvement in organic search traffic for Website Builder Expert (case study)

Website Builder Expert stands atop the crowded web hosting affiliate space.

The site already had a pretty good Domain Authority and ranked for many high-volume search terms.

They had already determined what new content should be produced based on their business goals and Domain Authority. 

The challenge

Strategy is only half the battle. You need a team to create the content — comprehensive blog posts targeted at some of the web’s highest-volume keywords.

That’s what WBE needed, and that’s where Smemark came in. Luckily, our writing staff and editorial processes can accommodate any business’ content needs.

Our process

We worked with WBE for four months — July 2021 to October 2021. In this time, we produced 25 of the best guides, product reviews, and lists in the space (around 50,000 words of content).

These were comprehensive guides targeting such high-volume keywords as “get ssl certificate” and “create a booking website.”

The outcome

It’s no accident that they now rank #1 for some of the most competitive queries on the Internet. Our content has reinvigorated a site that had plateaued.

SERP improvement for WBE

We’ve driven search rank increases for high-volume keywords like “ssl certificate price,” and “square online store examples,” among others.

Keyword rankings for WBE

But rankings alone are not enough if they don’t drive meaningful traffic to your website. So here’s a snapshot of visits generated so far.

Traffic generated for WBE

Not just that. At the time of writing this case study, rankings have been steadily improving for all the other keywords we targeted with our content.

As more of our content matures, we hope to see more gains and will be watching closely.

WBE has been appreciative of our input. In the words of Rob Binns, content manager at WBE:

“HypeGig delivers quick, efficient, and high-quality content. Their attention to detail and quality of writing is impressive. Emails are always prompt, and work is always completed to the deadline. No hassles. I would highly recommend HypeGig.”

Your turn

When people look for information and products that can solve their problems, a search engine is often the first place they go to. So with a combination of a solid SEO strategy and blog content, you can ensure that they find you, and not your competitors, on Page 1. And we’re here to help.

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