24 remarkable blog examples for beginners to get inspired in 2024

You may already have a blog. Or maybe you’re just starting one. In any case, it helps to take a look at how other blogs are catering to their audience.

When you look at prevalent blog examples, it can give you a ton of ideas to apply to your own blog.

So in this post, I am going to share the best examples of blogs in a variety of niches for your inspiration.

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    Top blogging examples

    Most blogs in the past used to have a classic ‘diary entry’ format. But these days they follow many different styles and formats.

    Some blogs have an ‘online magazine’ appearance, while others are extensions of larger business websites.

    Needless to say, the examples of blogging I have covered below reflect blogs of all shapes and sizes, categorized by niche.

    I’d suggest that you examine all of them, even if they belong to a niche different from yours. Sometimes, you get inspiration from the most unexpected sources.

    Personal development blog examples

    Explore the realm of personal growth and empowerment with my curated collection of personal development blogs. These blogging examples can inspire and guide readers on their journey towards self-improvement.

    Universe of Memory

    The UoM blog is authored by a well-known polyglot and memory expert. The blog posts aim to educate readers on how to boost memory, learn different languages, and improve productivity.

    Universe of Memory homepage

    From a monetization perspective, the blog makes money by selling courses and products. What’s great about this blog is its close connection with the blogger’s personal experience as a student of memory enhancement. The blog posts are captivating and well-crafted, providing a ton of value to its audience.

    Mark Manson

    This blog is known for sharing personal development guidance with a no-nonsense, no-BS approach. Most of the blog posts are unique and in-depth. Plus, you have the ability to listen to them being read aloud in the author’s voice.

    The blog author started a paid membership model in 2015, where subscribers get exclusive access to his ebooks and courses.

    What sets this blog apart is the brand that the author has built with his candid and unconventional style of writing. For some people, the content may border on the crude, but that’s what makes it engaging.

    The Art of Non-Conformity

    Chris Guillebeau’s blog is based on the belief that you don’t need to live according to others’ expectations. You discover happiness when you are being yourself.

    The blog covers articles on topics such as adventure, entrepreneurship, and travel with a unique mindset.

    Chris’s blog

    Through this blog, the author merges personal development and community service to form an innovative mental model. He shows that it’s possible to be kind to both yourself and other people at the same time.

    When you do what’s best for you, you are in a better position to bring positive change in the lives of others around you.

    Business blog examples

    Embark on a journey through the dynamic world of business with our handpicked selection of insightful examples of blogs. From entrepreneurial tips to industry analysis, gain valuable perspectives and strategies from the brightest minds in business.


    Kinsta’s is a company that provides top-notch cloud-based WordPress hosting. And their blog is chock full of tips and guides related to WordPress.

    Besides that, the blog covers practical steps and valuable resources on website speed, performance, maintenance, and optimization.

    Another aspect I love is how the blog posts are structured. Each post has many images to break up text, a minimalistic interface, and easy readability.


    Grammarly is the most popular tool to check grammar when writing emails, articles, and other written material.

    The company’s blog stays true to its goal of improving business communication. It shares excellent writing advice, grammar tips, and product updates on a regular basis.

    Grammarly’s blog page

    Another noteworthy factor is the blog’s stunning design and graphics. The blog posts are easy to read and formatted properly.


    If you’re into SEO, Ahrefs needs no introduction. It’s a brilliant SEO tool for keyword research, backlinks analysis, and more.

    And the same brilliance is evident in its blog too. The blog helps readers improve their digital marketing and SEO skills. It has in-depth tutorials, expert opinions, and case studies.

    What’s unique about the Ahrefs blog is the step-by-step details covered in each blog post, making it valuable for both novices and experts.


    Slack is an internal communication platform through which employees of a business can stay in touch. The company blogs about collaboration, communication, remote work, and product updates.

    Slack’s business blog

    What makes this blog stand out is that the blog posts are very data-driven. Another highlight is the bright and modern blog design, with catchy illustrations and articles categorized for simple navigation.

    Technology blog examples

    Dive into the ever-evolving landscape of technology with my curated compilation of tech examples of blogging. Stay informed and inspired in the digital age.

    Android Police

    As the name suggests, Android Police focuses on covering topics related to the Android OS. Here, you will find the latest news, tips, reviews, tutorials, podcasts, and videos related to Android. Overall, it has useful content for developers and little-known hacks for users.


    CNET is the go-to place for technology news, product reviews, and tutorials. It has great content on a wide range of topics, from cybersecurity to automobiles and everything in between.

    CNET tech blog examples

    The blog also focuses heavily on smart home tech. So if you want to set up a smart home or modify your current system, CNET is a useful resource.


    Hackaday is a technical blog that specifically caters to engineering enthusiasts. The content is a combination of their own content and user-generated content.

    This blog really shines at posting hacking tutorials and inspiration. Plus, it feels less like an isolated blog and more like an engaged community. Readers feel pride in coming together to show off their unique ideas and create build logs.

    Sustainability blog examples

    Embark on the path towards a greener, more sustainable future with this carefully curated selection of the best sustainability blogging examples.

    Melanin ASS

    Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) places emphasis on communities of color and combines that focus with sustainable beauty and fashion. Plus, it features inspirational change-makers and embraces diversity from all walks of life.

    Melanin ASS blog

    Sustainably Chic

    If you’re interested in eco-lifestyle and sustainable fashion, you should definitely check out Sustainably Chic. Apart from exceptional content, the blog offers a neat design and user experience.

    Another highlight is the website’s sustainable brand directory. This directory is an organized collection of the brands mentioned in blog posts. And it’s quick and easy to navigate.

    Going Zero Waste

    This lifestyle website helps readers live a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. In this blog, you’ll find easy steps to living an eco-friendly and happy life. The content includes thrifting hauls, recipes, and advice for beginners.

    Going Zero Waste blog

    The blog is laid out in a way that makes it easy for readers to navigate among different blog posts. For example, you can view the roadmap to zero-waste living to find several valuable posts on the blog.

    Moral Fibres

    This green lifestyle blog covers sustainable living in a cool and modern way. It walks you through effective tips to live a green life. Plus, you can do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your sense of fashion and style.

    Some of the things that work for this blog are neat visuals and informative articles. The content is divided into multiple collections for easy navigation.

    Lifestyle blog examples

    Discover a world of inspiration and enrichment with our curated collection of lifestyle blogs. From wellness tips to travel adventures, explore diverse perspectives and insights to enhance every aspect of your life with these examples of blogs.

    Cup of Jo

    Cup of Jo is a popular lifestyle blog founded by Joanna Goddard in 2007. Today, it’s a popular platform with a team of hard-working writers.

    It covers a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, relationships, parenting, and culture.

    With its engaging writing style and diverse content, Cup of Jo has amassed a loyal following over the years, making it a go-to destination for many seeking inspiration, advice, and thoughtful commentary on modern life.

    Aesthetics of Joy

    The Aesthetics of Joy blog is a delightful exploration of how design, color, and creativity intersect with our experience of happiness.

    Through captivating visuals and insightful commentary, the blog celebrates the ways in which our surroundings can evoke joy and enhance our well-being.

    From vibrant street art to thoughtfully designed interiors, each post invites readers to contemplate the beauty and positivity that surrounds us in everyday life.

    It’s a delightful journey into the intersection of aesthetics and emotions, inspiring us to seek joy in the world around us.

    All the pretty pandas

    This is a lifestyle blog owned by an opera singer. Topics covered include fashion, beauty, and recaps of the Bachelor. The blog now also includes podcasts.

    Pretty Pandas blog

    What’s great about this blog? A unique blend of illustrations and photos makes this blog pleasing to the eye. There’s also a ‘shop hub’ where the author sells the clothing used in various podcast episodes.

    Art of Manliness

    The Art of Manliness blog is a treasure trove of advice, wisdom, and inspiration aimed at helping men become the best versions of themselves.

    Since its inception, it has covered a wide range of topics, including self-improvement, relationships, fitness, grooming, and traditional skills.

    With its blend of practical tips, historical insights, and philosophical musings, the blog has garnered a large following and established itself as a go-to resource for men seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of modern masculinity.

    Health and wellness blogs

    These examples of blogging let you explore expert advice, wellness tips, and empowering stories to support your journey toward a healthier, happier life.

    Mind Body Green

    Mind Body Green has tips and resources related to everything under the sun, from fitness and nutrition to relationships and stress.

    Mind Body Green blog

    This blog covers articles about eating healthy, stress relief, and forging connections with people. Since there’s so much stuff to read on this website, you can easily spend hours pursuing the blog posts.

    Run to the finish

    Running enthusiasts are a specific bunch. They have unique dietary and fitness needs. So this blog does a great job of meeting them.

    Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned marathon master, this blog covers a lot of ground to help all runners. Topics include handling knee pain, strength training, and the best gear to help keep you comfortable and safe on the streets.

    Nerd Fitness

    Nerd Fitness is a popular blog and online community that blends fitness advice with geek culture and nerdiness. Founded by Steve Kamb in 2009, Nerd Fitness aims to inspire and empower people, particularly those who identify with geek or nerd subcultures, to lead healthier lives through exercise, nutrition, and mindset shifts.

    Nerd Fitness health blog

    The blog covers a wide range of topics related to fitness, including workout routines, nutrition tips, mindset strategies, and success stories from members of the Nerd Fitness community.

    What sets Nerd Fitness apart is its unique approach, which incorporates references to video games, movies, comics, and other aspects of geek culture to make fitness more accessible and engaging for its audience.

    Fashion blog examples

    Step into the vibrant world of fashion with our handpicked selection of fashion blogging examples.

    From trend forecasts to style tips, discover inspiration and insights from leading voices in the industry, guiding you to express your unique sense of style with confidence.

    The Londoner

    The Londoner blog, founded by Rosie Thomas, is a popular lifestyle blog that offers readers a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse city of London.

    With a focus on travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle, The Londoner provides engaging content that captures the essence of living in or visiting the British capital.

    Rosie Thomas shares her personal experiences, recommendations, and insights, inviting readers to explore the city through her eyes.

    The blog’s visually appealing layout and engaging writing style make it a go-to resource for both locals and tourists seeking inspiration and information about all things London.

    Whether you’re looking for the trendiest eateries, hidden gems, fashion tips, or travel adventures, The Londoner offers a delightful and immersive journey through one of the world’s most iconic cities.

    Olivia Bossert Education

    This blog is managed by a freelance photographer. And it covers all you need to know about the ins and outs of the fashion photography business. The blog posts include information about pitching your work to prospects, and deciding your freelance rates.

    Olivia fashion blogs

    The best part of this blog is the non-clickbait blog posts. These posts share actionable information that comes from the author’s own professional skills and experience.


    Dappered is a popular men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that offers style advice, grooming tips, product recommendations, and general lifestyle content geared towards the modern man.

    Founded by Joe Weber, Dappered has gained a significant following for its accessible approach to fashion, focusing on affordable and stylish clothing options without sacrificing quality or sophistication.

    The blog covers a wide range of topics, from outfit inspiration and shopping guides to reviews of clothing brands and discussions on personal style.

    With a balance of practical advice and engaging content, Dappered has become a go-to resource for men looking to elevate their wardrobe and refine their sense of style.

    Over to you

    As you delve into this array of blog examples, you’re not just accessing information; you’re opening doors to inspiration, learning, and connection.

    Whether it’s personal growth, business insights, tech innovations, sustainability efforts, lifestyle tips, health advice, or fashion trends, these blogs offer a wealth of resources to enrich your journey through life’s diverse landscapes.

    So, take a leap, explore, and let these blogs ignite your curiosity, fuel your passions, and empower your endeavors.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these blogs? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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